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Jobs Chat is an AI-powered job search assistant intended for users in the US and Canada. The tool uses AI to streamline the job search process by understanding the needs of its users and providing tailored suggestions.

Users interact with Jobs Chat through a conversational interface, similar to the standard chat functions users may already be familiar with from other platforms.

While this tool can help job seekers find potential job opportunities, it is worth noting that Jobs Chat may sometimes produce irrelevant job suggestions or inaccurate information as hinted in its beta version disclosure.

Users are also given an option to delete their chat history, ensuring privacy and control over their data. Furthermore, Jobs Chat also has a dark mode feature, catered towards users who prefer a darker theme for whatever reasons from personal taste to reducing eye strain.

With its continuous development and improvement, Jobs Chat aims to become an essential tool in the field of job searching by assisting users with finding the job that suits them.


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Jobs Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored job suggestions
Conversational user interface
Familiar chat functions
Primarily targets US, Canada
Privacy control - delete chat history
User Interface Customization
Dark mode feature
Continuous development and improvements
Job matching capabilities
Career assistant functionalities
Possible on WhatsApp


Limited to US, Canada
Potential inaccurate information
Possible irrelevant job suggestions
No support for languages other than English
Lacks an API for integration
Not referral-friendly
Possibility of Data-erasure slip-ups
Potential limit in job diversity
No explicit disability-friendly features


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Can Jobs Chat guarantee accurate job suggestions?
How does Jobs Chat understand the needs of its users?
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Does Jobs Chat only suggest job opportunities?
What does the beta version disclosure of Jobs Chat imply?
Can users delete their chat history in Jobs Chat?
What are the privacy features of Jobs Chat?
Does Jobs Chat have a dark mode feature?
Why does Jobs Chat have a dark mode feature?
How does Jobs Chat plan to improve over time?
How does Jobs Chat assist users in their job search?
What is the AI Recommender System used by Jobs Chat?
Can Jobs Chat help with career planning?
How does Jobs Chat customize the user interface?
Is Jobs Chat a chatbot?
What's the benefit of using Jobs Chat for job discovery?
Why does Jobs Chat sometimes produce inaccurate information?

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