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ByHongye Li
Aids in finding desired jobs quickly.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist in your job search today?
Sample prompts:
Can you provide some Data Scientist positions?
What are some tips for a successful job interview?
Can you find marketing jobs in New York?
Can you find tech jobs near Bay Area?
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Sixy Job Hunter is a GPT designed to facilitate quick and efficient job hunting. This AI-based tool employs the power of ChatGPT to serve in a tailor-made manner, providing personalised job search assistance.

It is capable of helping users find job positions based on specific criteria such as position title or geographical location, with commands like 'Can you provide some Data Scientist positions?' or 'Can you find tech jobs near Bay Area?.

Furthermore, it also offers assistance in preparing for job interviews and can provide tips for increasing the chances of success. For instance, users can ask, 'What are some tips for a successful job interview?'.

The platform, created by Hongye Li, requires a sign-up process to access its features. The motto of the Sixy Job Hunter echoes its mission: To assist individuals in exploring career opportunities that suit their preferences and qualifications seamlessly.

As a GPT, Sixy Job Hunter aims to revolutionize the way job seekers approach their search, providing an easily accessible and efficient platform to find desired job opportunities.


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