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Kadoa JobLens is an AI-powered job search tool that helps users find their dream jobs. With Kadoa JobLens, users can select their preferred job sources, define their preferences, and let the AI do the work of finding relevant job opportunities.One notable feature of Kadoa JobLens is its ability to reformat job postings from different sources into a unified structure.

This is achieved through the use of Language Model Mapping (LLMs) and the advanced functionality of the GPT model. By leveraging these technologies, Kadoa JobLens eliminates the need for custom NER pipelines and effectively standardizes and organizes unstructured job information.Currently, Kadoa JobLens allows users to select from specific job sources, such as "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" posts from July and June 2023.

However, the tool has plans to expand its customization options, giving users the ability to add their preferred companies as additional sources.Furthermore, Kadoa JobLens has exciting future plans to personalize monitoring for not just jobs, but also events and real estate.

The tool aims to utilize AI to rate local events based on user preferences and factors like interests and proximity to home.To provide feedback or inquire further about Kadoa JobLens, users can contact the team at [email protected].


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Joblens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized job recommendations
Reformats job postings
Unified structure for jobs
Uses Language Model Mapping
Uses GPT model
Eliminates need for custom NER
Standardizes unstructured job information
Selectable job sources
Expansion planned for customization
Plans for event and real estate monitoring
Personalized monitoring based on interests and proximity
Plans to rate local events
Plans to add preferred companies as sources
Future expansion plans


Limited job sources
Unclear expansion timeline
No advanced filtering options
Single data format
Few customization options
Limited to specific countries
No salary available for most jobs
No real-time data updates
Lacks live support
Unproven GPT application


What is Kadoa JobLens?
How does Kadoa JobLens personalize job recommendations?
What is Language Model Mapping in Kadoa JobLens?
How does Kadoa JobLens standardize job information from different sources?
Can I choose specific job sources in Kadoa JobLens?
What are some noted job sources Kadoa JobLens uses?
Does Kadoa JobLens support job searches from my preferred companies?
What are Kadoa JobLens future plans for personalization?
Will Kadoa JobLens help me find relevant local events?
Can Kadoa JobLens help in searching for real estate listings?
How can I provide feedback or inquire more about Kadoa JobLens?
What does the GPT functions feature do in Kadoa JobLens?
How is artificial intelligence used in Kadoa JobLens?
What kind of job preferences can I define in Kadoa JobLens?
Is Kadoa JobLens a useful tool for remote job search?
What is the aim of Kadoa JobLens?
Can I add more job sources to Kadoa JobLens?
How does Kadoa JobLens handle unstructured job postings?
How can AI help me find my dream job with Kadoa JobLens?
What technologies does Kadoa JobLens leverage?

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