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Finding open jobs for you.
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Find tech jobs in New York.
Are there any remote design positions?
List marketing jobs in Berlin.
Show recent graduate jobs.
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Job Scout is a GPT developed to assist individuals in their job searching process. Its primary function is to find open job positions that match user specifications and criteria.

The interface is friendly and easy to use, operating via ChatGPT. The user interacts with the tool by posing queries regarding job opportunities in the desired location, and the GPT responds with a curated list of open positions.

This facilitates the job hunting procedure, providing the users with a seamless way of sourcing jobs tailored to their needs. To further cater to the needs of different users, Job Scout supports a variety of job search queries.

It provides results based on location, industry, job level, and job type, including remote positions. Whether you are on the hunt for 'tech jobs in New York', 'remote design positions', 'marketing jobs in Berlin', or 'recent graduate jobs', Job Scout provides users with a comprehensive overview of their desired job market.

One unique feature of Job Scout is its proactive approach to job hunting: the GPT does not only respond to user queries but also acts autonomously to find open positions.

Users of Job Scout require a ChatGPT Plus subscription to utilize the tool.To sum up, Job Scout is an AI-infused tool that helps ease the often-stressful task of job searching.

It provides not just convenience, but also a personalization of results, making the job-seeking journey more efficient and user-centric.


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