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ByKatia De Juan Bayona
Motivating job search with direct links and helpful tips
GPT welcome message: Hi! Welcome to Product Scout. Let's find the job that suits you best.
Sample prompts:
Any new fully remote Product Designer roles this week?
Any hybrid Product Manager roles in the UK?
Any fully remote Project Manager roles this week?
Any fully remote Content Designer roles this week?
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Product Scout is a GPT designed with the primary goal of facilitating and motivating job search. It provides a platform that gives users direct links and useful tips to speed up and simplify their job search process.

Once a user signs up, they gain access to an interactive tool that aids in discovering new job opportunities that match their interests, particularly in positions that allow for hybrid or fully remote work roles.

The communication with Product Scout is structured around prompts. Users post inquiries about any new job vacancies within their interested fields such as Product Design, Product Management, Project Management, and Content Design.

The GPT promptly responds to these with information about modern, available vacancies, particularly emphasizing the nature of the role as either hybrid or fully remote.

This not only keeps the user up-to-date with current job opportunities but also tailors the job search to their flexibility needs and requirements. In essence, Product Scout personalizes the job hunting experience, making it more efficient and fitted to cater to modern work culture trends.


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Product Scout was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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