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Custom fitness coaching with tracking and gamification.
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Reflect is an AI-powered health and fitness app that aims to enhance users' fitness journeys by leveraging the power of AI. The app offers a comprehensive suite of health and fitness tools, including a 24/7 Assistant Coach powered by generative AI, which provides constant support and guidance to users.

With Reflect's cutting-edge computer vision technology, the app can monitor and track users' movements with exceptional accuracy, enabling users to identify form errors and make the necessary corrections.

In addition, Reflect tracks users' streaks and activities, creating a gamified experience to motivate and engage them in their fitness routines. Reflect also offers global leaderboards and interactive events, allowing users to train with others from around the world.

The app aims to make coaching and training easier for fitness influencers and creators by providing them with the necessary tools to scale their online business and boost their profits.

Customer testimonials praise Reflect for its ability to streamline workout programming, offer 24/7 support and guidance, and facilitate progress tracking.

The app is also utilized by rehab specialists, such as physiotherapists and biokineticists, to ensure that clients are performing their rehab exercises correctly and provide pre-assessment video analysis.Reflect is currently available on iOS devices, with plans to expand to Android in the future.

Privacy is a top priority for Reflect, and the app does not retain any sensitive user data.

Reflectfit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 8th 2023.
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