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Fitness progress tracking and counting of workouts.
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BragHumble is an iOS app designed to help individuals stay accountable and track their fitness progress. The app offers full body workouts with automatically counted reps and sets, which are then recorded in a journal for easy reference.

Users can view their progress and consistency to stay motivated. Additionally, BragHumble aims to inspire users to compete against themselves by providing insights such as the total number of pushups done in their lifetime and their personal best.

The app is suitable for anyone, including beginners, as it offers exercise demonstrations, audio assistance, and timers. The accuracy of rep counting is achieved through the use of the front camera and AI technology.

Importantly, BragHumble assures users that their workout videos are not recorded, stored, or shared. If users encounter any issues with rep counting, they are advised to email a screen capture video of their workout to the provided support email address.

Overall, BragHumble provides an intuitive and convenient way for individuals to track their fitness progress, stay motivated, and push their boundaries.

BragHumble was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic rep counting
Workout journaling feature
Displays overall progress
Offers full body workouts
Insights on personal bests
Motivational statistics
Suitable for beginners
Exercise demonstrations included
Audio assistance and timers
Exercise rep counting accuracy
User privacy ensured
Dedicated support email
Compete against yourself
Lifetime workout metrics
No exercise video storage
Helps understand capabilities
Counts workout sets
Optimal for accountability
Progress consistency display
User-friendly design
Easy reference journaling
Boundaries push support
Helps stay motivated
Beginners' exercise assistance
Personal workout insights
Secure workout data
iOS platform availability
User capability understanding
Training time guidance
Full workout in 30mins
Assists in exercise timing


iOS only
Relies on camera for tracking
Possible inaccurate rep counting
No Android version
No web version
No third-party integrations
No workout variety
No social features
Limited assistance for beginners
User support through email only


What is BragHumble?
What kind of exercises can I find on BragHumble?
How does BragHumble track my workout progress?
What features does BragHumble offer to beginners?
How does BragHumble use AI to count reps?
How accurate is the rep counting feature of BragHumble?
Is BragHumble suitable for someone new to working out?
Does BragHumble record my workout video?
What should I do if the rep count is not accurate on BragHumble?
What kind of insights can I get from using BragHumble?
Can I compare my workouts over time on BragHumble?
Does BragHumble provide any kind of physical fitness assessments?
What makes BragHumble different from other fitness apps?
How can BragHumble help me stay motivated?
Where can I download the BragHumble app?
Does BragHumble have a feature to assist with timing?
Can BragHumble monitor and record my exercise consistency?
Is there any social feature on BragHumble to compete with my friends?
What kind of data does BragHumble collect from users?
In what ways can I contact BragHumble if I have any queries or issues?

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