Diet tracking 2023-10-21
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ByVincenzo Muni
Nutritional assistant for diet tracking and advice.
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Caloria is a GPT designed to offer assistance with diet tracking and dietary advice. In an accessible form in any available language, Caloria initiates a new diet tracking session upon the user typing 'Start'.

This GPT has been developed to generate interactive dialogues thereby enabling users to manage their dietary behaviors and patterns efficiently. The tool aims to help users make informed nutritional decisions, providing personalised advice based on submitted diet tracking data.

Developed by Vincenzo Muni, Caloria functions on top of ChatGPT, and thus requires a ChatGPT Plus for usage. With a primary goal of making nutrition tracking straightforward and reliable, Caloria's utility ranges from promoting health-conscious choices to providing means of monitoring nutritional intake over specified periods.

Note: Starting interactions with Caloria involve a welcome message and prompt starters to guide the tracking dialogue, supporting users in navigating the tool's features.


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