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Track your diet with food photos on Telegram.
Generated by ChatGPT is a Telegram bot designed to help users track and manage their diet. By sending pictures of meals and drinks to the bot, users can receive an estimation of the calories, macros (protein, fat, carbs), and ingredients in their food.

The AI-powered tool can also estimate dietary information based on text descriptions of meals in case a user forgets to take a photo. Beyond meal tracking, the bot assists with personal goal-setting and planning by allowing users to specify specific calorie or macro targets, or more broadly define their objectives, such as weight loss.

The bot can then calculate a personalized diet plan based on the user's information. also enables users to track their caffeine intake by processing pictures or descriptions of drinks like tea and coffee, aiming to help users optimize their sleep and reduce jitters.

For a comprehensive overview, the bot provides daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of diet metrics and charts of macro percentages, indicating whether users are meeting or missing their goals.


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Pros and Cons


Estimates calories from photos
Tracks macros from photos
Identifies ingredients from photos
Can process text descriptions
Assists with goal-setting
Generates personalized diet plans
Tracks caffeine intake
Eases sleep optimization
Reduces jitters
Daily, weekly, monthly summaries
Charts of macro percentages
Can specify calorie targets
Weight loss target setting
Telegram bot for convenience
Estimates from meal/drinks pictures
Corrects errors in estimates
Targets based on physical characteristics
Provides dietary planning
Estimation based on typical ingredients
Portion size estimation
Shows diet metrics visually
Goal achievement indicators
Caffeine content estimation from photos


Limited to Telegram platform
Inaccuracy in food recognition
Dependent on user's photo quality
No multi-language support
Dietary recommendations might be off
No offline functionality
Not suitable for illiterate users
Privacy concerns over food photos
No third-party app integrations
Dependent on user's honesty


How does estimate calories and macros from a photo?
What type of goals can I set with
Can create a personalized diet plan for me?
How accurate is the calorie estimation in
Can I track my caffeine intake with
If I forget to take a photo, how can help me track my meal?
How can I correct's estimation if it appears wrong?
Can provide summaries of my diet metrics?
How does define whether I am meeting or missing my goals?
Can I use to optimize my sleep?
How can assist in my weight loss journey?
How does handle text descriptions of meals?
Does only work with pictures or can I manually enter my food and drinks?
How can use pictures to estimate the ingredients of my meal?
Can suggest a daily calorie target for me?
Does provide charts of my macro percentages?
How does figure out my dietary goals based on my description?
How does the AI in work to track my diet?
How often does provide summaries of my diet?
Can I use to track the macros of my drinks?

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