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Weight-loss nutrition tracker with meal logging.
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threesixfive (365) is an AI tool that allows users to log their meals by taking photos with their phone camera. This tool aims to assist users in losing weight by providing calorie and macro information about their food choices.

Once a photo of a meal is uploaded, the AI Nutritionist instantly estimates the calories and provides recommendations. Users can also connect their Apple watch, Garmin, Withings, Fitbit, or Oura ring to receive smart recommendations based on their activity levels.

The tool allows users to track their weight loss progress daily and offers a free trial period.threesixfive (365) offers the option to build a custom weight loss plan, either by uploading an existing plan or creating a new one within minutes.

By syncing their smartwatch or ring, users can add more calories to their daily plan as they engage in physical activity. The tool claims to have counted over 500,000 calories for customers since December, helping them achieve a weight loss of over 30 pounds.

threesixfive (365) also emphasizes the involvement of human nutritionists who review every meal logged.The tool offers various plans starting from $119 per month, providing features such as instant meal logging via the AI nutritionist, meal review by nutritionists, connection with smartwatches or rings, the ability to share meal logs with doctors or coaches, and 1:1 video support from the founders.

A frequently asked questions section is available, and customer support can be contacted for further assistance. threesixfive (365) is backed by LAUNCH and operates offices in Ventura, CA, and Ahmedabad, India.


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Pros and Cons


Meal logging via photos
Real-time calorie estimates
Smart recommendations through device integration
Tracks weight loss progress
Offers free trial
Ability to build custom diet plans
Syncs with multiple fitness devices
Counts calories based on physical activity
Human nutritionists review meals
Ability to share meal logs
Offers 1:1 video support
Multiple subscription plans
FAQ section for queries
Customer support access
Offices in multiple locations
Backed by LAUNCH
Can cancel anytime
First 10 days free


Expensive subscription fee
Must sync with accessories
Dependent on quality photos
No Android smartwatch compatibility
Instant calorie estimates tentative
Requires manual data input
Limited geographic support offices
No automatic meal plan generation
Questionable calorie accuracy

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