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ByHustle Playground
Personalized fitness, nutrition, and mental health coaching.
Sample prompts:
Create a workout plan for weight loss.
Suggest a vegetarian meal plan for muscle gain.
Give me some tips for managing stress.
How can I track my fitness progress?
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Wellness Coach Buddy is a GPT developed by Hustle Playground to serve as a digital health and wellness assistant. This tool uniquely equips users with personalized fitness plans, dietary advice, and mental wellness strategies.

Wellness Coach Buddy uses the inputted user profiles and their individual goals to customize its advice, providing a more tailored and effective wellness journey to each user.

This GPT is based on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT and offers various prompt starters like designing a weight-loss workout plan, developing a vegetarian meal plan for muscle gain, providing stress management tips, and even advising on how to track fitness progress.

Unlike generic wellness platforms, Wellness Coach Buddy uses AI to deliver results that are closely aligned with the unique preferences, capabilities, and objectives of the user.

This results in a more engaging, efficient, and arguably more effective wellness experience. To access Wellness Coach Buddy's comprehensive suite of personalized wellness services, users need to sign up for the ChatGPT Plus package.


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