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Analysis and coaching for pushup form.
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Top Pushup is an AI pushup form analyzer and coach designed to help you perfect your pushup routine. The app uses advanced AI to track and give live audio feedback on your pushup form as you do them.

It counts each correct pushup and informs you what’s wrong with your pushup form if you do a half-pushup or pushup that is not done in the correct plank form.

The app is free and no sign-up is needed. Open the app, place the phone on the floor facing your sideview, covering head to feet, and start doing your pushup routine.

The app will count each correct pushup loudly and the AI coach will inform you what to improve if your form is wrong. You can use the app to practice your pushup form with audio feedback or take the pushup challenge judged by the AI coach.Top Pushup features include live AI pushup form analysis and audio feedback, practice or challenge mode, pushup counter and tracker, and it uses just your camera with no extra equipment is needed.

Download the app and start perfecting your pushup routine with Top Pushup.

Top Pushup was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 21st 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Live audio feedback
Form correction guidance
Pushup counter and tracker
Practice mode
Challenge mode
Requires only phone camera
No sign-up needed
Side view analysis
Free to use
Detects variety of pushups
Excludes incorrect forms
Real-time pushup analysis
Fitness level announcements
Specially designed for iPad
Excludes tired, sideways, upside-down pushups
Automatic workout entry
Excludes saggy pushups
Detailed form detectors
Immediate suggestion for improvement
Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Explicit pushup counting
No data collection
User interface updates
Restart and back buttons


Requires specific phone placement
Analysis limited to sideview
Doesn't track tired, sideways, upside-down pushups
May not count all pushup variations
Possibly inaccurate form feedback
Limited to iOS
Only measures pushups
No data collection for progress tracking


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Where can I download Top Pushup?
Does Top Pushup offer live feedback on my pushup form?
Is there a sign-up process to use Top Pushup?
How does Top Pushup count my pushups?
Does Top Pushup work on iPad?
Can I improve my pushup form using Top Pushup?
Why doesn't Top Pushup identify tired or sideways pushups?
Does Top Pushup have a pushup tracker or counter?
What is a correct plank form according to Top Pushup?
What does Top Pushup mean by saggy or improved pushups?
What information does the AI from Top Pushup provide about my pushup form?
How does Top Pushup ensure my privacy?
Are there updates or new features available for Top Pushup?


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