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ByViacheslav Kovalevskyi
Become addicted to running in 2-3 weeks with personalized plans.
GPT welcome message: Ready to fall in love with running? Let's go!
Sample prompts:
How do I start running?
I don't like running. Help?
Create a running plan for me.
Keep me motivated to run.
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Running Habit Architect is a GPT that functions as a virtual running coach. Its goal is to guide individuals to develop a consistent running habit within a span of two to three weeks.

It achieves this through the creation and management of personalized running plans for each user. This GPT primarily targets beginners who are unsure of how they can integrate running into their lifestyle, or those who have tried running in the past but lacked the motivation or knowledge to make it a regular habit.

To deliver an individualized service for each user, the Running Habit Architect offers prompt starters such as 'How do I start running?' or 'I don't like running.

Help?', and then tailors advice based on the user's responses. The GPT also includes motivational support to encourage users to stick to their plans and overcome hurdles in their running journey.

This GPT requires access to the ChatGPT Plus for functionality and is designed to assist users in achieving their running goals in a way that is scalable, flexible, and conducive to building a lasting habit.


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