Become a world-class leader in 2 minutes a day with the AI coach.
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Bunch is an AI-powered tool designed to cultivate leadership skills in its users. This AI coach tailors advice according to each user's unique leadership style and personal goals, enabling a highly personalized experience.

Bunch utilizes the world's knowledge on leadership, breaking down this information into digestible pieces, so users have the opportunity to learn and improve on a daily basis.

The tips provided by Bunch are inspired by successful leaders, vetted by leadership coaches, and carefully curated by the tool's specialist team. Bunch also offers a unique feature in the form of an AI assistant named Bunchee, powered by GPT-4.

Bunchee is available round-the-clock to address any queries users may have, contributing to the personal touch that Bunch strives for. The tool appeals to a wide set of learners, ranging from those at the early stages of their leadership journey to established individuals looking to hone their skills further.

Numerous users have found Bunch to be an effective and convenient platform for their daily learning, utilising it to focus on specific leadership topics that are relevant and important to their roles.


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Bunch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes advice for users
Uses global leadership knowledge
Curates content from leaders
Vetted by leadership coaches
Bunchee available 24/7
Suits variety of learners
Facilitates daily learning
Focus on specific topics
2-minute daily leadership training
Integrated community feature
Powered by GPT-4
Bunch for Business services
Wide company use
Personalized user experience
Breaks down complex concepts
Tips from successful leaders
4.8 App Store Rating
Over 75,000 downloads
User testimonials available
Resources and Podcast available
Free trial offered
Diverse content focusing relationships, communication
Continuous updates and new features
Mobile application available
Community Slack presence
Weekly Briefings
Allows personal leadership development
Offers option for focused learning
Resources for business use
Leadership skill enhancement
Online demo available
Daily improvement metric
Potential career acceleration


No Android app
Dependant on GPT-4
Potential oversimplification of leadership
Can't replace human coaches completely
Personalized advice might lack depth
Lack of multi-language support


What is Bunch?
What features does Bunch offer?
How is Bunch personalized to each user?
What is Bunchee and how does it work?
Can Bunch be used by a beginner leader?
How is the content for Bunch curated?
What kind of skills can I develop using Bunch?
Can I use Bunch on a daily basis?
How does Bunch utilize the world's knowledge on leadership?
Is Bunch suitable for established leaders too?
What specific leadership topics does Bunch cover?
What is the 2 minute a day learning concept in Bunch?
How can Bunch contribute to my professional growth?
Does Bunch help with mentorship in leadership?
Who vets the tips provided by Bunch?
How does Bunch break down leadership information into digestible pieces?
How is Bunch an effective platform for daily learning?
What type of advice does Bunch provide?
What is AI coaching in the context of Bunch?
How is Bunch different from other leadership development tools?

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