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Rapid creation of bespoke apps.
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Stack AI is a no-code tool that allows teams to quickly and efficiently build and deploy custom Large Language Models (LLMs) including ChatGPT into their products or teams.

The platform enables users to create various applications such as chatbots, document processing, database question answering, and content creation. Stack AI’s intuitive graphical interface enables developers to easily connect LLMs with vector databases, tools, and data loaders.

The platform comes with a diverse library of templates for common workflows, making it easy to jumpstart projects without needing to write any code. Stack AI offers the flexibility to experiment with multiple prompts and LLM architectures, allowing for rapid iteration and fine-tuning to align with specific product needs.

The tool is trusted by leading companies such as JustPaid, Smartasset, and Yummy and is backed by renowned visionaries such as Soma Capital and Y Combinator.

Stack AI enables users to create production-ready applications that are fine-tuned for specific use cases and can be quickly delivered to users as APIs.

With Stack AI, users can easily load data from various sources, integrate with any API, run fine-tuning jobs, and deliver AI workflows with minimal latency.

Security is also prioritized, and Stack AI ensures the data processed and stored is secure. Pricing options are available, and users have the option to use their own API keys.

Stack AI is an efficient and user-friendly tool for teams looking to incorporate AI workflows into their products without needing to write any code.


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May 26, 2024
Stack ai is by far the best tool to automate any kind of workflows - can't recommend it enough
Oct 5, 2023
It's just crazy how much you can automate with Stack AI given how young they are... insane progress. Keep up the good work guys!

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Pros and Cons


Rapid creation of bespoke apps
Efficient custom LLMs deployment
Multiple applications creation
Easy LLMs and database connection
Workflow templates library
Allows experimentation with prompts
Fine-tuning for product Specific needs
Trusted by leading companies
Quick API delivery
Supports data loading from various sources
API Integration
Runs fine-tuning jobs
Prioritizes security
Flexible pricing options
Usage of own API keys
Enables deployment without code
Supports multiple LLM architectures
Product specific LLM fine-tuning
Data can be loaded from files, websites, databases
Supports Google Search and WolframAlpha
Optimal LLM creation
Applications creation via drag and drop


Limited template library
Relies heavily on LLMs
No explicit offline support
Latency may vary
No explicit multi-language support
Lack of dedicated mobile apps
No direct email integration
Insufficient documentation provided


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