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Fast backend platform for efficient app development.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered low-code backend platform that enables the development of web and mobile applications at scale. With a focus on improving speed and efficiency, offers a range of powerful features to facilitate app building.

The platform provides VectorStore, which enhances Natural Language Processing and Generative AI search applications with relevant results on a large scale.

AI+Search enables fast and accurate search functions by offering customizable indexing, filtering, and relevance ranking features. also offers a NoSQL Document Database that allows developers to efficiently store and manage unstructured data with advanced querying and indexing capabilities.To enhance security, offers industry-standard authentication protocols, including multi-factor authentication and social login options.

The platform also provides secure and flexible cloud-based storage for files and media, complete with features like versioning, access controls, and automatic backups.In addition to these key features, offers analytics capabilities, empowering developers to gain insights from their app data.

The platform emphasizes ease of use, providing a fast and intuitive backend provisioning process with instant API access.With predictable pricing and unlimited usage for all types of applications, aims to streamline the app development process by eliminating planning and automating scaling and provisioning tasks.

The platform also offers developer excellence support, providing 100% email support to all users.Overall, is a comprehensive AI-powered backend platform that assists developers in building better web and mobile applications quickly and efficiently.


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