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Create AI tools without code.
Generated by ChatGPT is a no-code AI tool builder that enables users to create AI tools effortlessly and integrate them into their workflows. It allows the generation of text, images, and voice content through the use of advanced AI models.

The platform has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface which removes the need for users to have coding knowledge. One of the defining features of is its ability to let users define and chain AI prompts for complex interactions.

The platform includes a comprehensive selection of AI models, not limiting users to OpenAI, and allows swift model changing with a click. Furthermore, provides a marketplace for creators to design, sell, and monetize the AI tools they create.

Similarly, the service includes simple tool embedding capabilities for user websites, bringing sophisticated AI interactions directly to the audience. offers extensive customization options, enabling users to adjust the themes, colors, and border radius to match their brand identity. The platform is ideal for automating various business workflows, suitable for both businesses and individuals.

Lastly, the platform is accessible to everyone, including non-technical users, but also provides advanced features for experienced users.


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Pros and Cons


Generates text, images, voice
Drag-and-drop interface
No coding knowledge required
Swift model changing
Creator marketplace
Tool embedding capabilities
Customization of themes, colors
Ideal for workflow automation
Accessible to non-technical users
Advanced features for experienced users
Brand identity matching
User-friendly tool design
Avenue for monetization
Supports Google Gemini
Various business workflows automation
Data-driven decisions enhancement
Border radius customization
Dynamic tool personalization
Ideal for businesses and individuals
Suitable for non-technical users


No offline access
No mobile app
Dependent on internet speed
Potential security concerns
Steep learning curve for complex features
No information about data privacy
No parallel processing


What is
How can I create AI tools with
How do I integrate tools into my workflows?
Is it possible for me to generate text, images, and voice content using
What is the function of the drag-and-drop interface in
Can I chain AI prompts using for complex interactions?
Does have a selection of different AI models?
Can I easily switch between AI models in
Is there a marketplace feature in
How can I design, sell, and monetize my AI tools in's marketplace?
Can I embed the AI tools I create with on my website?
Does offer customization options for my AI tools?
Is ideal for automating business workflows?
Can both businesses and individuals use
Is suitable for non-technical users?
Does offer any advanced features for experienced users?
How do I use the AI flow builder in
Can I tweak and change the themes, colors and border radius in
How do I get early access to
Can I reach out to the support team of if I have more questions?

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