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Build chatbots with no code.
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NocoAI is a platform for building, managing and deploying GPT applications and models without the need for coding. It achieves this through its No-Code and Serverless features, which allow users to create client or backend APIs, apply prompt templates and build custom fine-tuned models using a simple UI.

Through NocoAI, users can generate APIs for their defined templates within built or custom fine-tuned models. APIs can be authorized using existing Firebase, Autho or Custom JWT protocols.

Additionally, users can control their OpenAI cost by adding request and user limits on every API. NocoAI also allows the analysis of API usage, with the data used to fine-tune custom models.The platform features a template engine, Mustache, which enables the easy definition of prompt templates and variables.

Users can create custom fine-tuned models by adding datasets to the platform, with support offered by non-developers on the NocoAI team.NocoAI offers a variety of pricing packages, ranging from a free option with limited API requests to a custom package designed for businesses.

The platform provides a cost-effective solution for small start-ups or scales without limits. Additionally, NocoAI is open to custom integration with businesses and offers 24/7 customer support, consultations, and prioritised feature developments.


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Pros and Cons


No-Code platform
Serverless features
Create client/backend APIs
Apply prompt templates
Build custom models
API authorization options
Request and user limits
API usage analysis
Mustache template engine
Custom fine-tuned models
Dataset addition support
Variety of pricing packages
Cost-effective for start-ups
Scalable without limits
24/7 customer support
Prioritised feature development
Integration with businesses
Consulation services
API or user limiting
Non-developers assistance


Limited API requests
Limit on users
No excess options
API authorization required
Prompt templates restricted to Mustache
Undefined variable fine-tuning
Analysis of API usage planned but not yet available
Request and user limit addition planning
Excess costs on increased API requests and Active Users


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How can I create custom fine-tuned models in NocoAI?
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What support does NocoAI offer to its customers?
How can I access the NocoAI platform to start building?
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What are the benefits of a Serverless platform in running GPT applications?
How can I define prompt templates and variables in NocoAI?
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