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Simplified mobile and web solutions for app development.
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Fliplet is a no-code/low-code AI enterprise App Builder that allows businesses to rapidly construct mobile and web apps. With Fliplet's off-the-shelf solutions, businesses can easily customize and brand the apps with their own unique features.

The tool provides a range of app solutions across various industries, including events, emergency management, community communication, data capture, project management, eCommerce and ordering, learning, directory management, and innovation management.For events, Fliplet offers solutions such as corporate event apps, event networking apps, webinar apps, trade show apps, and conference apps.

In emergency management, the tool provides apps for emergency management, dawn raids, disaster management, crisis response, incident management, and safety reports.

In community communication, Fliplet offers communication apps, team chat apps, employee engagement apps, online community apps, forum mobile apps, and discussion apps.Fliplet's data capture solutions include mobile polling apps, real-time feedback apps, survey mobile apps, data collection apps, field data collection apps, and data capture apps.

For project management, the tool offers task management apps, team project management apps, project collaboration apps, agile project management apps, Kanban apps, and to-do list apps.In eCommerce and ordering, Fliplet provides solutions like marketplace apps, shopping apps, retail apps, eCommerce apps, food ordering apps, delivery apps, and restaurant apps.

For learning, the tool offers learning apps, eLearning apps, LMS mobile apps, employee training apps, corporate training apps, and coaching apps.Fliplet also provides directory management solutions, including employee directory apps, business directory apps, alumni apps, and digital business card apps.

In addition, the tool offers innovation management solutions with idea management and brainstorming apps.Overall, Fliplet enables businesses to streamline their app development process and create customized mobile and web apps that cater to their specific needs in various industries.


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