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Rapidly create web apps without coding.
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Softr AI is an innovative AI-based tool designed to facilitate the creation of fully functional web applications from a single user-defined prompt. The tool supports the construction of a myriad of apps; whether it's an intranet, a client portal, an internal tool, and more.

Beyond just app creation, it also provides an excellent platform for kickstarting projects, especially for users who are just starting. Additionally, it serves as a creative inspiration hub that allows users to validate their ideas swiftly and efficiently.

Softr AI offers the ability to connect the generated application to user's data with its AI capabilities. Along with the application, sample data is generated in Google Sheets, which users can update or connect to other data sources.

The AI Generator, although initially equipped with a general prompting system, allows for the incorporation of more customized advanced functionalities according to the user's unique needs.

The aim is to establish a solid base and valuable context data, while also providing an opportunity for users to explore, modify and enhance the application according to their requirements.


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