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Enhancing Human Life with AI-as-a-Service
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Passio AI provides a Visual AI-as-a-Service platform targeting enterprise businesses. The platform offers easy-to-integrate SDKs, enabling companies to utilize AI capabilities in various areas including health, fitness, home businesses, and more.

Among the offerings, Passio AI has developed a Nutrition AI tool that delivers AI nutrition tracking experiences for mobile apps, along with access to a nutrition database.

The platform also provides Remodel AI and VR Showorm, tools that allow users to visualize and purchase home remodeling products. The Mobile AI tool integrated into apps, aims to enhance sales and user experiences with computer vision.

Passio AI also offers 'MindsEye', a free AI recognition tool that leverages a device's camera to recognize objects. The modular nature of Passio's offerings allows for easy integration and deployment in apps.

The platform further emphasizes data-driven decision making, helping businesses boost customer engagement, streamline purchase process, and grow revenue.

Additionally, they provide real-time, on-device computer vision and AI-driven user experiences to transform mobile applications. Passio has partnered with multiple companies, to extend these AI functionalities into their products.


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Pros and Cons


SDKs for easy integration
Real-time on-device computer vision
Ultra customizable platform
iOS and Android availability
Taxonomy defining feature
Integrated mobile data collection
Modular for easy deployment
Supports Data-driven decision making
Vertical-specific computer vision
Helps streamline purchase process
Boosts customer engagement
Contributes to revenue growth
Nutrition database access
VR Showroom for purchases
Application transformation capabilities
Boosts user engagement
Enhances sales experiences
Simple and flexible deployment
Fast launch and growth
Personalized user experiences
Increased conversion rates
Enhanced Customer Experience
Personalized food tracking
Personalized diet reports
AR/VR store capability
Partner-featured case studies
Healthcare sector application
Foodservice sector application


Vertical-specific modules limit customization
Fully integrated data collection may pose privacy concerns
No mention of data security
May not support all languages
Only mentioned iOS and Android
No explicitly mentioned support for disabled users
No source code visibility
SDKs may have steep learning curve


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