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Diverse, secure application development.
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YiVal is an enterprise-grade generative AI application development platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers three modes of development - Agent, Experiment, and Production - providing a comprehensive solution for building and deploying generative AI applications.

YiVal's Agent functionality allows users to develop prompts or apps quickly and effortlessly, with interactive agent UX that requires no configuration or coding.

Users can obtain their tailored bot in just 30 minutes. The platform leverages cutting-edge models and optimization algorithms based on the latest research, continually expanding its library.

Users can also contribute by adding their own models to the YiVal repository or requesting specific models through the community forum.YiVal supports seamless multi-modality, allowing the generation of various content types, including video with matched audio and subtitles within a single optimized application.

It also offers high-cost performance LLM apps, enabling users to develop applications that perform well on more cost-effective models like GPT-4.Furthermore, YiVal provides one-click performance reports, allowing users to track and measure progress across key metrics such as latency, cost, user engagement, scalability, security, and more.

The platform also includes built-in version control, streamlining development processes.YiVal prioritizes safety and privacy, utilizing robust security measures aligned with the latest standards.

The platform's team has experience in health data privacy compliance.YiVal offers a range of pricing options, with free access for testing small ideas and familiarizing oneself with the platform.

Additionally, there are three monthly subscription tiers available with progressively higher usage quotas. Users can utilize their own API keys or opt to use YiVal's key for integration.Overall, YiVal serves as a comprehensive AI application development platform, tailored for businesses seeking to leverage the power of generative AI.


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