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Chatbot platform for messaging apps.
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The AI Bot is a low-code platform that allows users to build AI chatbots easily and quickly, which can be integrated with various popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, MMS, and Telegram.

With the power of low-code, users can start building bots without coding experience, and then make adjustments to the bot's functionality based on their desired use case.

The tool also provides a range of features such as image and voice bots, as well as the ability to manage data with Table UI and Cloud Functions visually.

Additionally, the tool provides templates with instant ready-to-use integrations that allow users to build bots with minimal effort. The Rowy platform offers a collaborative environment where users can invite their team members and manage workflows with granular access controls.

The platform is secure, and data, API keys, and cloud functions are all kept safe on the user's own Google Cloud project. Overall, AI Bot is a comprehensive tool that allows its users to build powerful AI bots on various messaging platforms, making it an excellent choice for businesses or individuals looking to enhance their customer engagement through automation.


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Pros and Cons


Low-code platform
Easy chatbot integration: Whatsapp, Twitter
Requires no coding experience
Feature: Image and voice bots
Data management with Table UI
Cloud Functions for cloud storage
Pre-built templates for quick setup
Collaborative tool with access controls
Security with Google Cloud project
Plugin system for easy api integrations
Airtable-like database UI
Use any API, NPMs, javascript/typescript
Extensible templates
Ability to manage task workflows
Compatible with SMS, MMS, Telegram
Comprehensive tool for customer engagement
Scalable on Google Cloud
Collaboration features with granular access
Extensible with any service using APIs


Limited messaging app integration
Restricted to Google Cloud
Requires low-code adjustments
Limited language processing models
Dependent on Rowy platform
Limited template extensibility
Lack of advanced features
Relies on third-party connectors
May not scale well
No on-premise deployment option


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