Document Q&A 27 Aug 2019
Enhancing document processing with chatbots and OCR.

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The Allganize AI document understanding platform, Alli, is designed to provide innovative solutions for various enterprise productivity challenges. Alli offers AI chatbots, enterprise chatGPT, and AI OCR, making it a one-stop solution for document processing and analysis.

It uses machine learning and pattern recognition to process structured and unstructured documents, achieving exceptional accuracy with a success rate of over 99%.

Alli GPT is particularly suitable for enterprise search use cases, as it provides accurate answers from both internal and external sources, eliminating the need to search through multiple documents.

Alli Capture, on the other hand, automates the capture of data from structured and unstructured documents, significantly reducing the time and costs caused by errors and inefficiencies when processing manually.

Alli Answer is a natural language processing tool that provides quick and accurate answers to user questions, organizing information in a user-friendly way.

Allganize addresses the productivity struggles faced by different industries, including Game, Information Technology, Ecommerce, Public Sector, Construction, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Financial Services, and Human Resources.

Allganize’s pre-trained models and advance data flow models can build customized solutions for these industries in days, without the need for coding.

It also maintains high levels of security by adhering to security regulations and standards, implementing secure design practices, and conducting ongoing reviews to ensure the safety and security of the platform.Overall, Allganize has a suite of tools that can help organizations extract insights from their unstructured data efficiently, automating repetitive and mundane tasks, and increasing accuracy.

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Pros and Cons


Document processing with chatbots
Integrates OCR technology
Processes structured and unstructured documents
99% success rate
Precise internal and external search
Data capture automation
Significant time and cost reduction
Provides accurate, quick answers
User-friendly information organization
Custom solutions for various industries
No coding required
Adheres to security regulations
Uses secure design practices
Continual safety reviews
Increased productivity by automation
Tasks and mundane work elimination
Smarter, faster decision making
Pre-trained models for quick implementation
Advanced data flow models
Info extraction for net zero policy
Underwriter and actuary workflow automation
Customer support automation
Comprehensive industry-specific solutions
Efficient unstructured data insights extraction
Services for diverse fields
Designed for enterprise use
User-friendly natural language processing
Continuous learning and improvement
Workflow automation for retail banking
Multiple languages support
Constantly-improving algorithms
Accessible documentation
Trusted by leading companies
End-to-end workflow solutions
ISO/IEC 27001 certified
Accurate document classification
Improved customer interactions
Contextual understanding of queries
Quick market time
Achieves highest levels of security


No code customization
Limited to English
No indicated free trial
Limited service based support
Specific sectors focused
No explicitly stated scalability
Possible over-specialization
No offline functionality indicated
Unclear third party integrations
Lack of transparent pricing


What is the Allganize document processing AI tool 'Alli'?
What are the key features of Allganize's Alli?
How does Alli's OCR function work?
How accurate is Allganize's document processing solution?
Is Alli GPT suitable for enterprise search use cases?
How does Alli Capture automate data capture from documents?
What is Alli Answer and how does it work?
Can Alli be customized for different industries?
In what industries does Allganize optimize productivity?
Do I need to code to use Allganize's pre-trained models and advance data flow models?
How does Allganize ensure security of their platform?
How does Allganize's Alli help in automating repetitive tasks?
What types of documents can Alli process?
Does Alli provide solutions for unstructured data?
Which languages does Allganize support?
How does Allganize's document understanding and automation platform help increase accuracy?
How can I arrange a demo of the Alli platform?
How does Alli Answer's natural language processing tool function?
Can Alli GPT help avoid the need to search through multiple documents?
Does Allganize offer data capture from both structured and unstructured documents?

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