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Retrieving personalized answers from uploaded documents.
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Knowlery AI is a personalized ChatGPT tool that learns from your own knowledge library. It allows you to upload domain-specific documents such as PDFs, Word files, and PowerPoints.

Knowlery AI will then chat with you, providing answers that cite relevant contextual information from your uploaded documents, as well as providing general answers for your reference.This tool offers a beautiful user interface and is beneficial for various users.

For students, it can assist in learning lecture notes, generating ideas for assignments, and aiding in open-book exams. Working professionals can use Knowlery AI to boost productivity by quickly understanding key concepts and extracting insights.

Researchers and academics can benefit from its assistance in working through journals, online articles, research data, and more.Knowlery AI emphasizes accuracy and relevance, always providing citations for the information it generates from your documents.

It seeks to empower users by leveraging innovative AI technology and turbocharging their productivity.Unlike ChatGPT, which relies on a general knowledge base and may provide inaccurate or fabricated information, Knowlery AI prioritizes accuracy and reliability.

If the uploaded documents do not contain the relevant information, Knowlery AI still provides general answers. It highlights keywords in the text and is effective in working with text-based content.Overall, Knowlery AI is a valuable tool for understanding key concepts, improving productivity, ensuring accuracy, and facilitating research and learning tasks.

Knowlery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 12th 2023.
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