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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered chat and custom document library tool designed for teams. Leveraging industry-leading AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Mistral, it delivers expertise on a user's personal library of documents and sources.

The AI tool stimulates knowledge generation and creates insights pertinent to users, encouraging exploration and curiosity. It allows for the comparison of responses from different AI models like GPT and Claude, providing a wide perspective of ideas.

Users can invite others for a focused conversation on any topic, leading the discussion as they desire. is built with a user's document repository in mind, generating insights and answers from personal sources to ensure relevancy and accuracy.

It offers the flexibility to switch between different AI models in the course of a conversation. Users can curate a private library of documents and sources that allows Kallo to become an instant expert on the chosen material, facilitating engagement through answers, insights, and collaboration.

The platform pledges to respect user data privacy and does not train its AI on personal content. It caters to various professionals dealing with complex documents and information, making the content accessible and actionable.


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Pros and Cons


Custom document library tool
Expertise on personal library
Stimulates knowledge generation
Creates personal insights
Versatile discussion facilitation
Generates insights from user's docs
Curate a private library
Facilitates collaborative engagement
Respects user data privacy
Makes complex documents actionable
Offers different plans
Invite for focused conversations
Wide perspective of ideas
Targeted for professional usage
Privacy focused
User-driven conversations
Accurate, relevant answers
Instant expertise on material
Caters complex fields
Multi-user collaboration
Instant summaries
Unlimited source uploads
Unlimited conversations
Extensive word count libraries
Team creation up to 10
Intuitive texting-like interface
Allows mid-conversation model switch


Limited collaboration size
Cannot train on personal content
Potential accuracy issues
Limited source uploads
Chat message limits
Word count restrictions
Monthly Fee
Personal free plan limitations
No direct API access


What is
How does use AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Mistral?
Can I switch between different AI models during a conversation on
What is the purpose of the custom document library feature?
How does generate insights from my personal documents?
What level of accuracy can I expect from the answers provided by
Can I conduct group discussions using
How does handle user data and privacy?
What professional fields is best suited for?
Does train its AI using my personal content?
Can I customize the content that becomes an 'expert' on?
What are the different AI models available on
What does it mean to have a 'focused conversation' on
How can I invite my team to join a conversation on
Are there any limitations on the number of documents or sources I can add to my personal library on
What do the different subscription plans of offer?
Can multiple users collaborate in real time on
Can I get a summary of a large document using
How does adding sources to improve the AI’s understanding?
How does make complex documents more accessible and actionable?

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