Document Q&A 2023-01-30
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Automated worker for instant business tasks.
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Cody is an AI-powered virtual employee designed to assist with various business tasks. It has the ability to be trained on specific business processes, including support documentation, allowing businesses to quickly troubleshoot any issues.

Cody can provide instant answers to business questions by analyzing all accumulated company data and sourcing the top 10 most relevant documents to generate an answer in seconds.

It can also execute work such as writing professional emails, translating documents, or creating marketing materials. In addition, Cody can provide sources for every answer, brainstorm ideas, and give suggestions.

It can be customized for different uses, such as marketing, HR, or support, and documents can be uploaded and controlled to customize Cody for a company.

With Cody, businesses can save time and money while also boosting employee efficiency.


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Cody was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trained on specific business processes
Instant answers to business questions
Analyzes all company data
Provides top 10 relevant documents
Executes work like email writing
Translates documents
Creates marketing materials
Provides sources for answers
Can brainstorm ideas
Offers suggestions
Customizable for various uses
Document upload and control
Saves time and money
Boosts employee efficiency
Supports and troubleshoots issues
Remembers conversations and context
Control over source documents
Customizable for different purposes
Helpful in onboarding new hires
Supports diverse document formats
Works as a skilled employee
Supports different business areas
Integrates uploaded information
Learn from uploaded documents
Promotes team work efficiency
Database utilization for answers
Checks Cody’s work easily
Ideas for work improvement
Educates team on usage
Specific training capability
Assists with digital tools
Understands contextual history
Can control conversation style
Instant document integration
Augments human team
Supports troubleshooting features
Generates new perspectives
Not a replacement for employees
Distinct chat for different purposes
Incorporates different perspectives


Limited to document analysis
Lacks real-time adaptation
May oversimplify complex tasks
Lacks third party integrations
May not understand niche terminology
Potential privacy concerns
Requires extensive training
Limited language support
Inaccuracy in sourcing documents
Relies heavily on uploaded documents


What is Cody?
What kind of tasks can Cody perform?
How does Cody help with business processes?
What types of documents can Cody analyze?
What does it mean when you say Cody can provide instant answers to business questions?
In what ways can Cody be customized?
Can Cody prepare professional emails?
Can Cody translate documents?
How does Cody help with marketing?
What support can Cody provide for HR?
How can Cody help troubleshooting?
Can Cody create marketing materials?
How does Cody increase employee efficiency?
What kind of sources does Cody provide for answers?
Can Cody brainstorm ideas and suggestions?
What does it mean that Cody is a 'virtual employee'?
How is Cody trained on specific business processes?
How does Cody's document upload feature work?
Can Cody perform functions across different departments?
Can I access an early beta version of Cody?


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