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Chat with any PDF, ask questions, summarize and extract insights effortlessly.
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ChatPDF is an AI-driven tool designed to interact with PDF files in a unique way. The tool is built for a wide range of users, such as students, researchers, and professionals, by serving as a personal assistant to extract insights and summarize information from PDF files.

It acts as a medium to pose queries to your documents, enabling an enhanced understanding of intricate information. It can assist students in improving study efficiency and help researchers delve into scientific papers, academic articles, and books to extract essential data for their research.

For professionals, it assists in navigating and understanding complex legal contracts, financial reports, and training materials. ChatPDF can process documents in any language, providing users a multi-linguistic interactive experience.

Users also have the freedom to adjust the language as per their preference.What sets this tool apart is its interactive and conversational feature. After uploading the document, you can start questioning the tool in plain language, as if you are conversing with the document's creator.

The AI will then provide accurate responses, using references from within the document.The AI technology behind ChatPDF is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

With privacy at the forefront, the platform ensures the files uploaded are securely stored and not shared with anyone, giving the users the option to delete them at any time.While the tool offers free usage with some restrictions, they also provide a premium subscription for extended use.

The service prioritizes affordable pricing and social responsibility.


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Jul 6, 2024
The maximum number of pdf pages for the free tier is 10, which is a bit small. Generally, I think people need this service for pdf documents over 50 pages or so.
Jul 7, 2024
Hi William, We appreciate your interest! For larger documents, we offer a premium plan at a very affordable price of $5, which includes unlimited access to all features. Thank you for your feedback, and feel free to reach out with any other questions or suggestions!
Jul 3, 2024
Browsing through today's new AI's and i love this!
Jul 7, 2024
Thank you for your feedback
Jul 1, 2024
offer the lowest price for such service comparing to other websites, give it a try.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive PDF interaction
Multi-language support
Language preference adjustment
Personal assistant functionality
Summary and insights extraction
Plain language queries
Document-originated accurate responses
Secure file storage
Option to delete files
Affordable premium subscription
Aids in study efficiency
Research data extraction aid
Understanding complex documents aid
Users range from students to professionals
Chat with document feature
Social responsibility prioritized
Inclusive tool for all
Google quick login
Help with tackling multiple choice questions
Assists in navigating business contracts
Supports any language PDFs
Engages in diverse linguistic conversations
Competitive pricing model
Limited free usage available
Committed to improving services
Option to permanently delete content
Cancellable premium subscription
Access to premium benefits post-cancellation


Free usage restrictions
Requires premium for extended use
Max 2MB upload
Limited to PDF format
Possible language interpretation errors
Requires internet connection
Limited to text-based PDFs
No multiple document processing
No offline mode


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How can professionals benefit from
What AI technology powers
How is user privacy maintained in
Is there a premium subscription available in
What is the limitation of the free version of
Does provide a conversational feature with PDF documents?
How to upload a document in
Can help in extracting data from scientific papers and academic articles?
Do I have the option to delete my files from
How does assist in understanding complex legal contracts and financial reports?
What is the operational process behind
What are the pricing details of Premium?
How can I delete a PDF from
What is the cancellation policy of Premium subscription?
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