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Chat With Media (CWM) is an open-source software designed to enable interactive communication with PDF files. The tool works by allowing the user to upload a file and start a conversation instantly, making engagement seamless and efficient.

The process is simple and straightforward, with the user required to sign up for an account, upload the desired file and begin dialoguing right away. Chat With Media specializes in processing the uploaded files and making them chat-ready.

The sign-up process includes the option to start out with a free plan or opt for a pro plan, providing flexibility for different user needs. Additionally, the tool proudly asserts its user-friendly design: users can get started within minutes of registration and file upload.

This tool could potentially transform how individuals interact with media, facilitating a novel conversational approach to file engagement. It is important to note that the product is public and developed by Mastork.

User support is readily available, with contact, privacy policy, pricing, terms and conditions, and refund & cancellation policy details provided on the Mastork website.


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Feb 1, 2024

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Pros and Cons


Open-source software
Interactive PDF communication
Instant file conversation
Straightforward process
Free and pro plans
User-friendly design
Quick startup
Transforms media interaction
Public product
Developed by Mastork
Ready user support
Clear sign-up process
Immediate dialogue post-upload
File processing capabilities
Enables conversational engagement
Facilitates media dialogue
Privacy Policy available
Clear pricing
Detailed terms and conditions
Refund & cancellation policy


Only supports PDF files
Account registration required
Potential data privacy issues
No API available
Limited file processing capabilities
Lacks multi-language support
No offline capabilities
Unknown processing speed
Restricted to textual conversations
No free-model sustainability


What is Chat With Media?
How does Chat With Media work?
How do I sign up for Chat With Media?
What file types can I upload and chat with on Chat With Media?
How quickly can I start a conversation on Chat With Media after uploading a file?
Is there a cost associated with using Chat With Media?
What is the difference between the free plan and pro plan on Chat With Media?
What does 'chat-ready' mean in the context of Chat With Media?
Who developed Chat With Media?
Is user support available for Chat With Media?
Where can I find detailed information about the terms and conditions of using Chat With Media?
Does Chat With Media have a refund and cancellation policy?
What does Chat With Media mean by 'conversational engagement' with files?
How secure is my data when I use Chat With Media?
Does Chat With Media support multiple user accounts?
How can I contact Mastork if I encounter an issue with Chat With Media?
What are the system requirements to use Chat With Media?
Can I use Chat With Media on mobil devices?
Can I chat with multiple files at the same time on Chat With Media?
Is Chat With Media usable globally?

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