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SmartaDoc AI is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate interaction with your documents. It allows users to upload different types of document formats, including pdf, csv, docx, xlsx, txt, json, pptx, and epub, and chat directly with these documents.

Users can ask questions and the AI tool responds by providing necessary information directly from the uploaded documents. Its key feature includes chat history memory, meaning the bot can recall the entire history of the conversation for future reference.

One notable capability of SmartaDoc AI is its summarization function, which provides an overview of documents in a quick and efficient manner. Intended for a wide demographic, SmartaDoc AI is particularly beneficial for students, enabling them to look up information quickly, and for researchers, helping them to stay abreast of recent studies or papers.

Additionally, SmartaDoc AI offers convenience for anyone either lacking time to sift through pages of content or simply preferring a more interactive approach to document reading.


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SmartaDoc was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple document formats
Direct chat with documents
Chat history memory feature
Document summarization
Beneficial for students
Helpful for researchers
Time-efficient document reading
Interactive document reading
Document Q&A options
Enables quick information lookup
Assists in keeping up-to-date
Convenient for time-limited users
Efficient study tool
Quick start questioning
Suitable for wide demographic
User-friendly document interaction
Powerful text summarization
Machine learning implementation
Edutech application
Research assistance tool
No need to sift content


Limited to text-based documents
Summarization accuracy unspecified
No translation feature
Requires JavaScript enabled
No offline functionality
Potentially high memory use
Privacy concerns with chat history
No voice interaction
No known API integration
Assumed reliable internet connection


What is SmartaDoc AI?
What document formats are supported by SmartaDoc AI?
How does SmartaDoc AI interact with documents?
What is the chat history memory feature of SmartaDoc AI?
Can SmartaDoc AI summarize documents?
Who can benefit from using SmartaDoc AI?
Why is SmartaDoc AI beneficial for students and researchers?
Does SmartaDoc AI recall the whole conversation history?
Can I chat directly with my uploaded documents using SmartaDoc AI?
How to upload documents in SmartaDoc AI?
What is the document Q&A feature of SmartaDoc AI?
How can SmartaDoc AI assist in research work?
What kind of questions can I ask the SmartaDoc AI tool?
Can SmartaDoc AI be used as a study aid for students?
How efficient is the quick summarization feature of SmartaDoc AI?
Can SmartaDoc AI extract information from my documents?
Is SmartaDoc AI beneficial for people with less time for reading?
How to sign up for SmartaDoc AI?
What are the pricing options of SmartaDoc AI?
How can I contact SmartaDoc AI's customer support?

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