Document Q&A 28 May 2023
Support chatbot w/ NLP & search.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI chatbot creation tool that allows businesses to train their own chatbots using their website and documentation content. The tool leverages ChatGPT technology to provide accurate and contextually relevant search results, with the ability to respond to natural language, complex or ambiguous queries. is designed to streamline knowledge management processes, empower customers, and cut support costs for businesses. It has various use cases, such as reducing support ticket volumes instantly, responding to queries based on knowledge-base, and automating with 24x7 multilingual customer support.

The tool offers several useful features, such as AI-powered search, integration with existing knowledge base systems, usage and analytics monitoring, optimization of AI's response, and the ability to train across multiple URLs. also offers the option to embed the chatbot onto a website, allowing users to chat with the website and documents easily. Businesses can fine-tune the chatbot's responses based on their organization's guidelines and preferences, and it is effortless to integrate the secure and reliable API.

Users can collect feedback from customers to optimize the search engine accordingly. is a suitable solution for businesses that want to use AI-powered chat search to empower their developers and reduce support costs for their customers.

It offers all the necessary features to create a chatbot that can interact with customers and address their queries in real-time, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success.

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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT technology
Understands complex queries
Streamlines knowledge management
24x7 multilingual support
Reduces support costs
Knowledge-base system integration
Usage and analytics monitoring
Response optimization
Training across multiple URLs
Customer feedback-based optimization
Website embeddable chatbot
Fine-tuned responses
Secure API integration
Reduces support ticket volume
Automated customer interaction
Real-time query response
Lead generation capability
Contextual search results
Multiple use cases
Markdown support
UI customization
Usage tracking
Prompt fine-tuning
Multiple URL connection
Allows brand voice customization
Document limit-free
Free plan available
No-refund policy
Retrainable chatbot
Website integration instructions
Efficient training phase
Chatbot appearance customization
White-label option
Unlimited user access


Limited sentiment analysis
No live chat integration
Limited customization options
Potential comprehension issues
Limited multilingual support
May require frequent training
Lack of voice support
No mobile client
Chatbot retraining might be needed
Data privacy concerns


What is
How does work?
Can integrate with my current knowledge base systems?
How can reduce support ticket volumes for my business?
Can respond to complex or ambiguous queries?
How does use AI to provide search results?
What are the key features of
Can be trained with data from multiple URLs?
Does have the capability to embed the chatbot onto my website?
How can's responses be fine-tuned to match my organization's guidelines and preferences?
Is the API of secure and reliable for integration?
How can customer feedback be collected and incorporated using
Can help in automating 24x7 multilingual customer support?
How does manage documentation related queries?
How does aid in lead generation and customer engagement?
How can chatbot be customized to align with my brand?
How easy is it to integrate into my existing workflows and systems?
Is suitable for handling high traffic on my website?
What analytics and optimization features does offer for the AI's responses?
Can's AI model improve over time with new inputs and examples?

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