Document Q&A 15 May 2023
Simplified analysis of academic content.

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DankGPT is a research tool specifically designed for students and academics, powered by GPT4. It provides instant insights and aids in the breakdown and analysis of complex content found in multiple documents.

The tool offers a dashboard that enables users to navigate through its features, including the ability to unlock documents for examination. It aims to support research across a wide range of topics, utilizing a powerful GPT5-powered research assistant.The tool offers various prompting methods to assist users in their research.

It suggests the Ask Me Anything (AMA) Prompting method, which involves combining multiple effective prompts to enhance the quality of the prompt strategy.

Another approach mentioned is the chain-of-thought prompting, inspired by various directions such as natural language explanations, program synthesis/execution, and logical reasoning.

The related work section of the tool also discusses other prompting approaches, such as optimized input prompts to improve a single large language model's performance on different tasks and providing task-specific instructions.As a user-friendly tool, DankGPT allows individuals to try it out for free without the need for login credentials.

It aims to streamline the research process by offering insights and analysis across a library of papers. Created by rawsh, the tool provides a valuable resource for students and academics seeking assistance in their research endeavors.

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Pros and Cons


Designed for students and academics
Analyzes complex academic content
Offers dashboard navigation
Supports diverse research topics
GPT5-powered research assistant
Utilizes various prompting methods
AMA Prompt strategy
Chain-of-thought prompting
Optimized input prompts
Task-specific instructions
Free trial without login
Offers insights across library
Breaks down complex content
Specifically designed for research
Helps in quick comprehension
No login needed for testing
Provides task-oriented instructions
Unlock documents for examination
User-friendly design
Rawsh creator
Covers wide range of topics


GPT4/GPT5 inconsistency
Limited prompting methods
No multi-language support
Locked documents
No login potentially insecure
May misinterpret complex content
No real-time support
Unknown update frequency
No app version
Limited to academic use


What is DankGPT?
What is the purpose of DankGPT?
Who is the target audience for DankGPT?
Which AI technology powers DankGPT?
What unique features does DankGPT's dashboard offer?
What type of documents can DankGPT analyze?
What are the methods of prompting available within DankGPT?
What is the Ask Me Anything (AMA) Prompting method in DankGPT?
What is the chain-of-thought prompting in DankGPT?
Are there any other prompting strategies available in DankGPT?
Can I use DankGPT for free?
Do I need to create an account to use DankGPT?
What kind of research can DankGPT assist with?
How does DankGPT aid in research across various topics?
Who created DankGPT?
What methods of sharing are supported by DankGPT?
Does DankGPT provide task-specific instructions?
How does DankGPT improve a single large language model's performance on different tasks?
Does DankGPT require login credentials?
How can DankGPT streamline the research process?

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