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The askwise tool is an AI-powered knowledge assistant that allows users to upload their references, such as local documents or web articles, and ask them questions.

By extracting and analyzing the content of these uploaded documents, askwise divides them into fragments of various key content. When a user asks a question, askwise searches and matches relevant fragments, then analyzes and provides an answer.The tool ensures the security of users' documents and web links by storing them in encrypted cloud storage.

Strict security rules are in place to protect the information from hackers and other threats. Users have the ability to delete their documents as needed.In addition to its core functionality, askwise offers user participation activities that provide additional membership benefits.

The tool also has upcoming features such as Long Content Generation, Analysis of complex tables, and highlighting follow-up questions for deeper answers.

All new features will be included in the subscription.Users have the option to create their own customized version using the askwise API, which is available upon request.

This allows them to enhance their knowledge base and personalize it with their own name and content.Overall, is a valuable tool for students, researchers, and analysts who need an AI-powered assistant to analyze and answer complex questions based on their uploaded references.

Askwise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Uploads various references
Answers user queries
Analyzes complex content
Data fragmentation key content
Secure encrypted cloud storage
Strict security rules
Deletion of uploaded documents
User participation benefits
Inclusion of upcoming features
Long Content Generation tool
Complex table analysis
Highlighting follow-up queries
Customizable with API
Personal knowledge base enhancement
Customer support on request
Good for students, researchers
Additional membership benefits


API not readily available
Complex tables analysis pending
Long Content Generation upcoming
Follow-up questions highlighting pending
Security based on encryption only
Requires document uploads
Fragmented key content
No instant customization
Additional features subscription-based


What is askwise?
How does askwise work?
Can you tell me more about the document analysis feature of askwise?
What type of references can I upload on askwise?
How does askwise answer my questions based on uploaded references?
Is my data secure with askwise?
Can I delete my documents on askwise?
Does askwise offer any other membership benefits?
What upcoming features are in the pipeline for askwise?
Will new features be included in my current subscription?
Can I personalize askwise with my own content?
How can I get access to the askwise API?
How do I make my personal customized version with askwise API?
Who can benefit from using askwise?
Can I use askwise for free?
How do I get started with askwise?
How can I contact the askwise support team?
Are my documents stored in cloud on askwise?
Does askwise have a feature to analyze complex tables?
What does it mean by highlighting follow-up questions for deeper answers on askwise?

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