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PDF data analysis chatbot for engagement
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Asqme AI is an AI-powered tool that transforms static text data, specifically PDFs, into dynamic and interactive chatbots capable of answering questions based on the input data.

By uploading textual data in PDF format, Asqme AI utilizes AI to process the information and create a smart and responsive chatbot. Users can then engage in conversations with the chatbot and ask questions related to the input data.What sets Asqme AI apart from other chatbots are its distinct features such as Smart Face & Lip-Syncing, Dynamic Audios, and White Box Q&As.

The chatbot evolves with each interaction, constantly enhancing its ability to respond and it also offers real-time audio responses, making the interaction more engaging.

Additionally, it goes beyond text by facilitating visual and auditory interaction.Suitable for a wide range of users, Asqme AI is designed for businesses dealing with repetitive customer queries as well as individuals seeking a more interactive approach to accessing textual data.

It is an innovative tool aiming to revolutionize the way information is accessed.To get started with Asqme AI, users can join the waitlist and be among the first to experience this transformative tool.

Early subscribers also enjoy the advantage of a one-month free trial. By unlocking the potential of data, users can embark on a data-driven journey with Asqme AI.

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Sep 6, 2023
Works really great and easy way to create a chat bot but .Ost importantly to control the Questions and Answers

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Pros and Cons


Transforms PDFs into chatbots
Handles Q&A dialogues
Smart Face & Lip-Syncing feature
Dynamic real-time audio responses
Enhances ability with every interaction
Visual & auditory interaction
Transparency with White Box Q&As
Suitable for businesses and individuals
Great for repetitive customer queries
Join waitlist for early access
One month free trial
Integrated CRM capabilities
Invoicing capabilities
Project management capabilities
Collaboration capabilities
Ability to manage Q&As via UI


Only processes PDF files
Waitlist required to start
No API mentioned
No mobile app
Lacks multilingual support
Requires JavaScript
No clear pricing
Doesn't support other formats
No offline usage
Limited transparency control


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