Document Q&A 2023-01-27
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Chatbot for answering questions from documents.
Generated by ChatGPT

DocuChat is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows users to get answers from their documents quickly and easily. Powered by Open AI's GPT-3, DocuChat enables users to upload documents in PDF, DOC/DOCX, and TXT formats and create chatbots to answer questions related to the documents.

Users can create private or public chatbots and share the link with others for collaborative use. DocuChat also offers different tiers of service and usage limits, so users can pick the best option for their needs.

Additionally, DocuChat provides accuracy and truthfulness of the answers provided by its chatbots, although they cannot be guaranteed. DocuChat offers a 30-day refund policy if users are not satisfied and provides helpful FAQs to assist users with any issues.


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Nov 25, 2023
It is a great tool to chat with plenty of documents, including scientific ones. The answers are very accurate.

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Pros and Cons


Supports PDF, DOC/DOCX, TXT formats
Private or public chatbots
Collaborative use through sharing
Different service tiers
30-day refund policy
Ensures accuracy/truthfulness
Ease of chatbot creation
No random answers
Answers based on uploaded documents
Can handle complex language
Useful for team collaboration
Educational resource assistance
100 questions/month on free plan
Supports up to 150 pages per chatbot
Monthly document processing limits
Can delete old chatbot for new ones
Not 100% reliable, encourages critical thinking


Limited document upload formats
Single chatbot page limit
Cannot exceed 10MB documents
Tier-based service limits
Possibility of processing issues
Not 100% reliable answers
Question count towards limit
Maximum chatbot number limit
Dependent on GPT-3 limitations
No assurance of factual accuracy

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