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Introducing Hansei, an AI platform that simplifies the knowledge base for your teams and customers. Chat with your data using AI-powered assistants and get instant answers.

With Hansei, unlock a world of possibilities:
⭐ Increase your team's productivity with lightning-fast access to information
⭐ Improve your customer service with 24/7 AI chatbots
⭐ Enhance decision-making with source citations
⭐️ Troubleshoot problems and simplify processes

Why choose Hansei?
😮 Seamless Integration with Multiple Sources: Effortlessly import data from various sources like PDFs, documents, websites, YouTube, Notion and more
🤖 Bot Customization: Train bots with your own data and customize them for specific roles like Business Assistant, Customer Support, HR, Product Manager, and beyond
🌐 Website Widget: Customizable Chat Widget for your website that will answer the customer queries just like a human 24x7
🔌 Integration Made Easy: Integrate bots into chat widgets, Slack, Teams, and other platforms for seamless communication
💬 Source Citations in Conversations: Receive responses with source citations to deepen your understanding

Experience the power of Hansei and revolutionize the way you interact with your data within your organization. Get started with Hansei today!

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Pros and Cons


Natural language data inquiries
Instant, clear responses
Versatile data importing
Integration with various platforms
Bot behavior customization
Multichannel bots integration
Emphasizes data privacy and security
Securely encrypted data
Personal information remains confidential
Never shares information with third parties
Flexible, scalable pricing plans
Free plan available
Integration with Slack, Discord, Teams
Streamlines document management
Tailored bots responses
Queries limits customization
Multiple source pages
Varied file upload sizes
Allows multiple users and bots
Revolutionizes document interactions
Enables valuable insights unlocking
Custom plan availability
Priority support for enterprise plans
Planned integrations with Notion, YouTube, Google Docs
Source refresh options
API access in Pro Plan


Limited file upload size
Limited source pages
Limited user allowances
Limited bot allowances
Certain features aren't immediate
Pricing scales with usage
Not all integration available
No API access in lower plans
Data source refresh frequency varies
Source addition in pro plan only


What is Hansei?
What are the main features of Hansei?
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How does Hansei integrate with other platforms and tools?
Can I customize the bots on Hansei?
Which channels can Hansei integrate with?
How does Hansei ensure data privacy and security?
What are the different pricing plans for Hansei?
Are there any limitations in the free trial of Hansei?
What is the query limit for the starter plan on Hansei?
What benefits do I get with the growth plan on Hansei?
What additional features does the pro plan on Hansei offer?
What benefits do I get with the Hansei enterprise plan?
Can Hansei handle multiple languages?
Is automatic source refresh available on Hansei?
What does the term 'pages' mean in relation to Hansei's sources?
What models power Hansei's AI?
How does Hansei prioritize privacy protection?
How do I get started with Hansei?
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