Document Q&A 20 Apr 2023
Digest Fahamu
Analyzed documents for Q&A.

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Digest by Fahamu Inc. is a custom question and answer page that utilizes AI to help users extract key information from their documents. This tool allows users to ask probing questions, such as "what was the precedent set in this case?" and "summarize the key points of this document." Digest also includes a context section that shows users where it got the information, citing sources from their own documents.

Designed for teams, Digest is great for decision-making and improving the quality and speed of decision-making processes. By uploading the relevant documents and asking probing questions, users can quickly obtain the necessary information needed to make the right decision.

Digest also serves as a learning assistant for students, allowing them to upload their notes and readings and predict their instructor's questions. As an excellent research tool, Digest simplifies the process of learning more about a particular field or delving deeper into a specific topic.

It is also an exceptional internal documentation tool, allowing newer teammates to ask questions in a convenient way while promoting a culture of learning and growth within an organization.Overall, Digest is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to extract relevant information from their documents quickly and efficiently, making it an excellent choice for professional teams, students, and researchers.

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Pros and Cons


Custom Q&A pages
Context citation feature
Designed for team collaboration
Improves decision-making speed
Convenient for student learning
Assists research processes
Promotes learning and growth culture
Extracts key information quickly
Predicts potential instructor questions
Ideal for internal documentation
Helps newer team members
Improves team mood
Never gets annoyed
Cites sources from user's documents
Helps in delving deeper into topics
Versatile educational and professional tool
Transfers insights between teammates
Convenient information extraction process
Saves research time
Great for executives and policy makers


Limited to document analysis
Potential plagiarism issues
Dependent on user's question quality
Scope limited to uploaded documents
Bias towards existing information
Requires manual document upload
May miss nuanced interpretation
No mention of multilanguage support
No user-customizable settings mentioned
Lack of export or integration options


What is Digest by Fahamu Inc.?
How does Digest analyze documents for Q&A?
What types of questions can I ask Digest?
What is the 'context' section in Digest?
How can Digest be used by teams?
How can Digest assist in decision-making process?
How does Digest serve as a learning assistant for students?
How does Digest predict an instructor's questions on uploaded notes?
Why is Digest considered an excellent research tool?
How does Digest simplify the learning process about a specific field?
How can Digest be used as an internal documentation tool?
How can newer teammates interact with Digest?
What benefits does Digest contribute to the culture of learning and growth within a team?
How can Digest help me extract relevant information from documents?
How efficient is Digest in information extraction?
How does Digest cite the sources for the answers it provides?
Can Digest summarize documents?
What kind of documents can I upload on Digest?
While using Digest, where can I see the source of the provided information?
Where can I register to use the beta version of Digest Fahamu Inc.?

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