Document Q&A 13 Jun 2023
Cost-cutting chatbot streamlines customer support.

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Ribbo is an AI customer support agent that utilizes ChatGPT technology to generate a chatbot tailored to your business's needs. It learns from various sources such as your website content, documentation, and other data you provide, allowing it to effectively handle a significant portion of your customer support inquiries.

By reducing customer support costs and providing instant answers, Ribbo benefits both your business and your customers.Designed for small and midsize businesses, Ribbo offers around-the-clock support, even when your team is unavailable.

It can handle simple or repetitive inquiries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues and improving customer success.With Ribbo, you have the ability to train the AI model with different data sources, including website content, blog posts, historical customer support chat logs, and more.

You can easily fine-tune the chatbot's responses and customize its design and tone of speech to align with your brand. The chatbot can be seamlessly embedded into your website as a live chat widget, offering a choice between a floating bubble or full-size chat for optimal user experience.Ribbo also allows for a smooth transition from AI bot to a live operator when necessary, ensuring that your customers always receive the best support.

It supports multilingual interactions, enabling you to upload documents in any language and communicate with the chatbot in different languages.Ribbo offers a free plan for you to try and test before making a purchase.

Additionally, you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Overall, Ribbo provides a customizable and user-friendly solution to integrate an AI chatbot into your website without the need for coding skills.

Ribbo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable responses design and tone
Seamlessly embedded into website
Floating bubble or full-size chat
Trainable with different data sources
Smooth transition to live operator
Supports multilingual interactions
Free plan available
Subscription cancellable anytime
Handle simple/repetitive inquiries
Around-the-clock support
Tailored to business's needs
Historical customer chat logs processing
Cost-cutting by reducing customer support
Fast response time
Interactive chat demo
Enhances customer success
Viewable and editable chat history
Matches site's design and user needs
Provides consistent brand voice
Prevents brand-damaging scenarios
Easy setup, no coding needed
Supports multiple document formats
Frequent updates and improvements


No mobile app available
No real-time editing
No voice interaction support
Only text data upload
Possible reputation risk
No analytics features
Limited customization
No coding skills might limit detailed customization
Paid services after trial

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