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LetsAsk.AI is an AI-powered chatbot builder platform that allows users to create conversational chatbots without coding. The platform enables users to turn text, files, or websites into a chatbot that can provide instant answers to their clients or employees.

LetsAsk.AI uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to provide the most accurate and truthful answers and supports about 95 languages. Additionally, users can fully customize their chatbot to match their brand's voice and tone and tailor it to specific use cases and business needs.LetsAsk.AI offers customized plans for businesses and individuals with adaptable plans that allow users to scale their chatbot as their requirements change.

The platform ensures strong security by deleting processed files and storing only the raw text in an isolated container with military-grade encryption.

Furthermore, LetsAsk.AI adheres to the core principles of GDPR regulations, allowing users to have complete control over their data. Users can integrate their LetsAsk.AI chatbot seamlessly into their website using the provided embed code or natively with Discord.

The platform offers a free trial and three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Business, allowing users to choose a plan tailored to meet their unique needs.

Finally, LetsAsk.AI provides a FAQ section to assist users with their queries.


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Jun 20, 2023
At least let me try ot first

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Pros and Cons


Supports 95 languages
Fully customizable chatbot
No coding needed
Instant answers
Scalable plans
Strong security
GDPR conformity
Integrated with Discord
Zapier integration
Works on websites
Various pricing options
Free trial available
FAQ assistance
Military-grade encryption
Supports multi-document upload
Allows specific chatbot instructions
Adaptable to specific business needs
Raw data storage
Easy embedment on websites
Public chatbots creation
Trains on website or document


Limited to website integration
Expensive plans
Limited number of chatbots
Cap on messages per month
Limited characters per chatbot
No explicit multi-platform support
Data deletion could hinder performance
No in-build multichannel integration
Complex billing for public bots


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