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TutGPT is a custom chatbot tool powered by ChatGPT that allows users to create AI-powered chatbots for their websites. The tool enables instant answers to customer queries and team communications by training chatbots with user-provided content and documentation.

With TutGPT, businesses can automate customer support, saving both time and money while improving the customer experience. Users can input their content through URLs or by uploading various file formats, such as TXT, DOC, PPT, EML, HTML, and PDF.

TutGPT then immediately begins training the chatbot based on the provided content. The resulting chatbot can be fully customized and easily integrated into websites or other platforms using adaptable widgets.TutGPT offers powerful integration options, allowing users to index web pages or entire websites with a simple link, upload documents for chatbot training, and even create chatbots based on YouTube videos (feature coming soon).

Pricing plans are available for businesses of all sizes, with options ranging from basic to advanced, including features such as multiple bots, source page limits, question limits, private bots, advanced analytics, chat history, unbranded widgets, and prompt customization.

TutGPT also provides a free trial plan for personal use, allowing users to train files or URLs with up to 50 source pages of content. The tool supports multiple languages, including Arabic.For further assistance, customers can contact TutGPT's support team via email at [email protected].

Overall, TutGPT offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive customization options, and efficient AI-powered chatbot capabilities for businesses seeking to enhance customer support and optimize productivity.


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Oct 26, 2023
Good and Fast Tool

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