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Platform for automating customer support workflows.
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SupportGPT™ is a generative AI platform for customer support developed by Forethought, which leverages OpenAI's Large Language Models to power human-like, dynamic responses.

The platform fine-tunes the models based on a company's conversation history to automate workflow discovery, identify support coverage gaps, and lower case volume by generating new knowledge articles.

SupportGPT™ provides fully-formed suggested responses to agents, which are based on the context of each ticket and powered by generative AI. This product is ideal for organizations looking to enhance customer support experiences through intelligent automation, efficiency, and accuracy.

SupportGPT™ is fully integrated with a company's conversation history and has tailored workflows for different industries, including e-commerce, SaaS, FinTech, and travel.

Forethought's generative AI platform can generate proactive insights and predict, prioritize and route tickets that can aid different businesses. SupportGPT™ also offers integrations with a range of support platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, ensuring efficient management of customer support across platforms.

By leveraging the power of generative AI, SupportGPT™ can transform the customer experience by providing empathetic and human-like conversations that adapt to customer context.

Overall, SupportGPT™ is a powerful tool that can help businesses automate customer support in a smart and efficient way, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support workflows
Incorporates Large Language Models
Tailored to company's conversation history
Identifies support coverage gaps
Automatically generates knowledge articles
Provides suggested responses to agents
Responses based on ticket context
Individualized workflows for specific industries
Generates proactive insights
Predicts, prioritizes, and routes tickets
Integrates with multiple support platforms
Facilitates human-like conversations
Adapts to customer context
Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty
Unveils new workflows automatically
Efficient management across platforms
Aids various businesses
Accelerates intelligent automation


Depending on company's conversation history
Limited specific industry adaptation
Limitations in integrations offered
Potential privacy concerns
Accuracy of generated responses
Empathy levels in conversations
Requires extensive training
Platform-specific functionality


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What integrations does SupportGPT offer?
How does SupportGPT adapt to user context?
What is the link between SupportGPT and OpenAI's ChatGPT?
How can SupportGPT improve my customer satisfaction?
What kind of responses does SupportGPT provide to agents?
How does SupportGPT interact with conversation history?
How does AI automation with SupportGPT enhance customer support?
How does SupportGPT triage tickets?
What support platforms can SupportGPT integrate with?
How can SupportGPT predict and prioritise tickets?
Can I use SupportGPT for my e-commerce business?
How can businesses in the travel industry use SupportGPT?
Does SupportGPT have specific workflows for different industries?
Can SupportGPT generate proactive insights?

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