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Centralize, personalize, automate, and measure ecommerce customer support.
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eDesk is an eCommerce-focused customer service software that provides a comprehensive solution to manage customer interactions and order data. It consolidates customer support issues into easy-to-handle tickets.

eDesk offers a centralised system where all sales and messaging channels can be accessed from a single inbox, making it simple to track and respond to all customer interactions.

The tool is designed to improve productivity by leveraging AI-powered automations, helping support teams respond to customers efficiently. Furthermore, it assists in team-wide collaboration for better support outcomes.

It also provides unified analytics for performance improvement. One key feature of eDesk is its ability to generate requests for reviews from satisfied customers, providing an effective way to build a strong brand reputation.

The platform supports no-code integration with eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay, among others. The eDesk system is tailored for eCommerce businesses and has comparisons available for reference against other customer support software solutions like Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk.


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eDesk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Ecommerce-focused customer service
Consolidates customer support issues
Centralized system for channels
Tracks and responds interactions
Team-wide collaboration support
Unified analytics for performance
Generates requests for reviews
No-code integration support
Integration with multiple eCommerce platforms
Tailored for eCommerce businesses
Software comparison against competitors
Order data management
Productivity enhancement
Brand reputation build
Multi-channel support
24/7 Customer Support
Customer Success Stories
Affiliate Program
ROI calculator
Easy-to-handle tickets
Personalizes customer experience
Comprehensive solution to manage interactions
Improved productivity
Better support outcomes
Review requests from satisfied customers
Comprehensive real-time reporting
Automate review requests
Native Integrations with sales channels
Full order and customer history
Supports manual and automatic looping
Live SLAs reporting
Features and insights exploration
Personalized 1-to-1 discussion
Unrivalled suite of integrations
Instant access to full query context
Integrates the entire tech stack
Data on customer, product tracking
Internal share without eDesk login
Build your brand & manage customer expectations
Secure external escalate ticket & customer data
Fast, personalized experiences creation
Better decisions in resource, channel and product management
Rules based message routing
Assisted onboarding in free trial
Integration without interrupting current processes


Lacks customizability
Restricted to eCommerce businesses
No multi-language support
Limited third-party add-ons
Complex setup
Insufficient for non-sales queries
Limited team-wide collaboration features
Unimpressive reporting capabilities
Limited native integrations
No mobile app


What is eDesk?
How does eDesk use AI to improve productivity?
How does eDesk help with team collaboration?
What is the purpose of eDesk's unified analytics feature?
How does eDesk assist strengthening a company's brand reputation?
Which eCommerce platforms can be integrated with eDesk?
What makes eDesk different from similar software like Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk?
How does eDesk manage customer interactions and order data?
Can eDesk automate customer service responses?
How does eDesk help generate reviews from satisfied customers?
What support channels does eDesk centralize?
Is there a fee for integrating other platforms with eDesk?
How does eDesk contribute to better support outcomes?
Does eDesk offer a free trial?
Can eDesk manage multi-channel support?
Is eDesk beneficial only for eCommerce businesses or other types of businesses as well?
Do I need coding knowledge to integrate eDesk with my eCommerce platform?
Does eDesk have an app for mobile use?
Can eDesk handle customer interactions across different messaging channels?
How does eDesk assist in performance improvement using unified analytics?

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