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Delivering richer customer experiences with AI-powered automations.
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Kustomer is an AI-powered Customer Service CRM Platform designed to streamline customer service tasks and deliver superior experiences. It centralizes customer interactions, data, orders, and tickets, providing businesses with a unified view of their customers across all channels.

The platform includes key features such as AI-driven automations, omnichannel messaging, and a unified customer view to enhance customer engagement and boost service efficiency.

Kustomer specifically aids in resolving customer issues swiftly and accurately, leveraging robust data to anticipate customer needs and minimize inbound support volume.

The system offers proactive, data-driven customer support, offering the ability to assist potential customer needs before they make contact. Integrations and Apps are available in the platform's app marketplace, which regionalizes it within a company's current technology stack.

Capabilities of the platform extend to AI-Aided agent assistance and customer self-service, furthering its commitment to transforming customer-agent interaction.

The platform is utilized across various industries by brands seeking to maximize customer engagement through hyper-personalized service, driven by Kustomer's intelligent use of customer data.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines customer service tasks
Superior customer experiences
Centralizes customer data
Platform wide omnichannel messaging
Unified view of customers
Data-driven support efficiency
Resolves customer issues swiftly
Accurate problem resolution
Anticipates customer needs
Minimizes inbound support volume
Proactive potential customer assistance
Integrations and apps available
Enhances customer self-service
Platform for various industries
Drives hyper-personalized service
Centralized orders/tickets management
Platform-specific app marketplace
Ability to transform agent-customer interaction
Regionalizes within technology stack
Increase agent efficiency
Transforms agent-customer relations
Functions in multiple languages
Business efficiency improvement
Unified customer view across channels
Robust use of customer data
Proactive support using data
Results in fulfilled automated chats
Automatic resolutions of requests
Consistency in CSAT achieved
Increased agent productivity
Integrated conversations, tickets, data, orders
Elevated and accelerated service
Natively stored customer information


No free trial available
Complex integration process
Limited app marketplace
Lack of customization options
No multilingual support
Potentially high learning curve
Limited self-service capabilities
Dependent on high-quality data
Potential data privacy concerns
Can be expensive


What is Kustomer?
How does Kustomer utilize AI to improve customer service?
What are the key features of Kustomer?
What is the role of AI-driven automations in Kustomer?
Can Kustomer provide a unified customer view?
How does Kustomer assist in resolving customer issues?
What does 'data-driven customer support' mean in relation to Kustomer?
Does Kustomer allows integration with other apps?
What are the capabilities of the Kustomer's AI-Aided agent assistance?
How does Kustomer handle customer self-service?
Does Kustomer only work for specific industries or can any brand use it?
How does Kustomer use customer data to improve engagement?
What languages does Kustomer support?
How does KIQ Agent Assist feature of Kustomer improve agent efficiency?
How is Kustomer different from other Customer Service CRM platforms like Zendesk, Gladly, Salesforce Service Cloud, etc.?
Which brands have utilized Kustomer?
Can Kustomer anticipate customer needs before they make contact?
Does Kustomer offer any kind of omnichannel messaging?
Is there an app marketplace within the Kustomer platform?
Can Kustomer minimize inbound support volume?

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