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Chatbot for customer interactions and lead collection.
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Brainwave is an AI-powered customer service chatbot tool called ChatGPT that aims to improve businesses by automating customer interactions. It offers various features such as lead collection and meeting schedule simplification.

The tool goes beyond simple question-answering and can collect leads, schedule meetings, and integrate with third-party services to enhance customer service.

It emphasizes providing an exceptional customer experience by diving deep into customer interactions.One of its key functions is lead generation, where Brainwave uses human-like conversations to automatically detect and save lead information.

This enables businesses to focus on converting and engaging those leads. Additionally, the tool offers lead qualification by summarizing user intent for the sales team and creating profiles of new leads.Brainwave helps increase the number of booked meetings through its intelligent meeting scheduler.

It handles the hassle of scheduling, rescheduling, and managing meetings without human intervention, ensuring a streamlined process.The tool seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Google Calendar and CRM systems, enabling communication with external systems.Brainwave also aims to boost customer satisfaction by providing tireless 24/7 multilingual customer support through a smart knowledge base.

It learns from company data to improve responses over time.The tool can be used as a public-facing chatbot or as an internal assistant within a platform or product.Brainwave offers different pricing plans suitable for different business needs, with varying characters per chatbot, monthly query limits, seats/users, and chatbot numbers.


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