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Embrace automation-first customer experiences for better scale and results.
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LivePerson is a Conversational AI platform designed for businesses to streamline customer experiences and communicate effectively. This platform embraces automation-first customer experiences, providing scalability, enhanced engagement and tangible results.

With key products like the Conversational Cloud, Generative AI, Voice AI, LivePerson enables businesses to deliver personalized digital experiences, leverage large language models responsibly, and create seamless customer experiences across voice and messaging channels.A distinctive feature of this platform includes the AI Chatbot Toolset that enables more effective conversations with AI chatbots.

It also offers Intelligent Insight products that use data and insights to improve customer engagement and agent performance. LivePerson offers Organizational Integration products that help you unlock more data and provide increased flexibility for your business.

It offers industry-specific solutions for sectors like Financial Services, Retail, Telecom and Cable, Travel & Hospitality, and Automotive. It provides specialized services for different use cases such as Customer Service, Conversational Commerce, B2B Sales & Marketing, and IT Service Management.

Apart from its sophisticated, AI-driven products, LivePerson also offers professional services to help businesses embark on their conversational journey, and technical support for around-the-clock assistance.

In addition, LivePerson has established partnerships with various third-party vendors, further expanding its portfolio and the possibilities for its users.All these resources combined provide an AI solution dedicated to making customer-business conversations more efficient, personalized, and effective.


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Pros and Cons


Automation-first customer experiences
Scalability support
Enhanced engagement
Tangible results
Conversational Cloud product
Personalized digital experiences
Seamless customer experiences
Intelligent Insight products
Data driven improvements
Increased agent performance
Organizational Integration products
Unlocking more data
Increased business flexibility
Industry-specific solutions
Use case specific services
Around-the-clock technical support
Partnerships with third-party vendors
Professional services for conversational journeys
Optimised for multiple sectors
Customer Service oriented
Conversational Commerce capabilities
B2B Sales & Marketing tools
IT Service Management services


Lacks industry-specific customization
Limited third-party integration
No mention of multilingual support
Potential data privacy issues
Unclear costs/pricing structure
No offline operation
Reliant on large language models


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Can LivePerson provide specialized services for different use cases, like B2B Sales & Marketing?
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What are the key characteristics of LivePerson’s AI chatbot toolset?
What is the role of data and insights in improving the agent performance on LivePerson?

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