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Chat360 is a conversational AI chatbot builder designed to enhance customer engagement and conversion. Its omnichannel platform serves as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to scale through conversational sales, marketing, and customer support.

Chat360 boasts compatibility with numerous popular platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and websites, allowing businesses to reach customers through their preferred channels.

Additionally, the service offers various integrations to expand its capabilities, such as Google Sheets, Shopify, Stripe, Gmail, Google Dialogflow, LeadSquared, Setu and Razorpay.

It is engineered to cater to all types of industries and is trusted by a diverse range of global brand leaders. It's no-code interface enables the creation of bots that can generate leads, provide customer support and engagement, and facilitate business growth through conversational marketing.

Further, the platform facilitates the automation of Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger to leverage widespread user engagement. Chat360 also prioritizes lead generation by enhancing visitor to lead ratio on websites and offers features for WhatsApp Business API to generate increased leads, orders, and customer satisfaction.

Lastly, through Chat360's resource center, users gain access to blogs and guides as well as potential partnership options.


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Chat360 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Omnichannel platform
Enhances customer engagement
Boosts conversion rate
Popular platform compatibility
Integrates with WhatsApp
Integrates with Facebook Messenger
Integrates with Instagram
Integrates with websites
Expansive integrations
Google Sheets integration
Shopify integration
Stripe integration
Gmail integration
Google Dialogflow integration
LeadSquared integration
Setu integration
Razorpay integration
Suits all industries
Trusted by global brands
No-code interface
Lead generation
Customer support
Facilitates business growth
Conversational marketing
Automation of Instagram DMs
Automation of Facebook Messenger
Enhances visitor to lead ratio
WhatsApp Business API features
Access to blogs and guides
Partnership opportunities
Increases customer satisfaction
Sales and marketing automation
Social media integration
Website integration
Customer support automation
Increases leads and orders


Specific platform compatibility
No-code interface complexity
Limited industry versatility
Automation limited to Instagram and Facebook Messenger
Potential integration complexities
Undefined pricing
Limited customization options


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How does Chat360 enhance customer engagement and conversion?

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