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Connect with customers using chat, email, and video.
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Drift is an AI-based application designed to facilitate businesses with customer communications across multiple platforms such as chat, email, and video.

Prominently known as a Conversation Cloud, Drift aims to support businesses in reaching their customers at the most influential moments. Drift's primary tools include Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Conversational AI, each serving the objective of optimizing the customer's journey.

The Conversational Marketing feature offers businesses the ability to qualify and convert visitors, aiding them in building a quality pipeline. The Conversational Sales tool supports effective conversation initiation, supplementing the efficiency of sales processes, and engaging target accounts.

As for the Conversational AI feature, it powers the provision of better experiences and automates customer support. Drift also comes equipped with a Reporting & Analytics feature for integrating and analysing data, supporting businesses in personalizing web experiences, improving marketing efficiency, and generating high-quality leads.

The platform caters to a diverse range of industries including but not limited to financial services, manufacturing, technology, and professional services.

To ensure continuous learning and development, Drift offers its users resources such as blogs, books & reports, webinars, and podcasts.


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Drift was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cross-platform communication
Conversational Marketing feature
Conversational Sales tool
Reporting & Analytics feature
Personalizes web experiences
Improves marketing efficiency
Generates quality leads
Caters to diverse industries
Continuous learning resources
Supports multiple channels
Initiates effective conversations
Optimizes customer journey
Supports sales process efficiency
Assists in lead generation
Helps target account engagement
Real-time ABM Notifications
Hyper-targeted website experiences
Conversational Landing Pages
Automated playbook building
Real-time intent insights
Video messaging for sales
Prospector tool for data-driven opportunities
Bionic Chatbots for customization
Site Concierge for enhanced visitor experience
Increases productivity per rep
Drift Engage for higher conversions
Offers Professional Services
Supports Financial Services industry
Supports Manufacturing industry
Supports Technology industry
Supports Professional Services industry
Provides Community Forum
Help Center available
Partnership opportunities
Provides varied learning materials
Product integrations for 360-degree view
Promotes real-time conversations
Automated customer relationships
Boosts sales rep efficiency
Increases sales overall win rate
Accelerates sales cycles
Meets the specific business needs
Drift for Startups program
Works on mobile through an app
Available as a Chrome extension
Offers a Diversity Equity Inclusion initiative


Limited industry catered
Lacks live chat support
No multilingual options
No clear mobile app


What is Drift?
What are the key features of Drift?
How does Drift's Conversational Marketing feature work?
How does Drift assist in lead generation?
How can Drift improve my sales process efficiency?
What specific role does Drift's Conversational AI play?
How does Drift ensure customer support automation?
What does Drift offer in its Reporting & Analytics feature?
Can I personalize web experiences using Drift?
In what ways can Drift improve marketing efficiency?
What industries does Drift cater to specifically?
What learning resources does Drift offer its users?
Can I communicate with my customers using chat, email, and video via Drift?
Can Drift help in enhancing my customer communication?
Does Drift have resources for training and development?
What tools does Drift offer to support communications with customers?
Can you explain the function of Drift's Conversation Cloud?
How does Drift optimize the customer's journey?
How does Drift integrate and analyze data?
Is there any specific system requirement to use Drift?

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