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Driving business growth through AI chatbot solutions.
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Senseforth.AI's Generative Conversational AI Chatbot is a platform designed to facilitate business growth through enhancing customer interaction and engagement.

It employs AI technology to automate services in various industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telecom, hospitality, and manufacturing among others.

The technology allows businesses to stay connected with customers, providing personalized recommendations and 24/7 customer support. It offers technical troubleshooting, customer support, and aids in acquiring new customers and boosting sales efficiency.

The platform also supports multi-channel experience, allowing deployment across different user touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps, and IMs. Senseforth.AI's chatbot uses advanced NLU capabilities and built-in analytics.

It provides a full-stack solution, handling every aspect of creating an enterprise solution from building the bot to deploying it. Furthermore, Senseforth.AI ensures that its information security management aligns with the ISO 27001:2013 framework.

The platform also includes a 'Bot Store', providing pre-built enterprise chatbots for various industries.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances customer interaction
Boosts sales efficiency
24/7 customer support
Multi-channel deployment
Advanced NLU capabilities
Full-stack solution
InfoSec aligns with ISO 27001:2013
'Bot Store' with pre-built chatbots
Automates services across industries
Personalized recommendations
Acquires new customers
Increases user engagement
Voice-enabled Search Engine
Self-help tools for banks
Automate claim filing for insurance
Personalizing patient care
Guided user journeys for retail
Travel assistance for hospitality
Automate student onboarding for education
Order booking for manufacturing
Test drive booking for automotive
10x Faster Implementation
Zero-code environment
Built-in analytics
Backend connectors
Superior NLP capabilities
Deploy across platforms
Robust InfoSec Management Program


No free trial mentioned
Requires JavaScript enabled
No integration details
No pricing info available
Closed source software
Pre-built bots may limit customization
Lacks in-depth analytical capabilities
Limited support channels specified
Assumed enterprise focus may alienate SMBs
No SLA or uptime guarantee


What is Senseforth.AI's Generative Conversational AI Chatbot?
How does Senseforth.AI's Chatbot automate customer services?
What industries can the Senseforth.AI Chatbot be applied to?
How does the Senseforth.AI tool provide personalized recommendations?
Does Senseforth.AI offer 24/7 customer support?
What are the advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities of Senseforth.AI?
How does the multi-channel deployment of Senseforth.AI work?
What does the 'Bot Store' on the Senseforth.AI platform offer?
Does the Senseforth.AI platform provide technical troubleshooting?
How does Senseforth.AI's tool aid in acquiring new customers and boosting sales efficiency?
How does Senseforth.AI handle the creation of an enterprise solution?
Is the Senseforth.AI's information security management in line with the ISO 27001:2013 framework?
Does Senseforth.AI platform provide pre-built enterprise chatbots for various industries?
How does Senseforth.AI enhance customer interaction and engagement?
What are the built-in analytics features of Senseforth.AI?
How does the Senseforth.AI tool facilitate business growth?
Can Senseforth.AI's chatbot be deployed on mobile apps, websites, and IMs?
Which aspects are handled in the full-stack solution provided by Senseforth.AI?
What tools are provided by Senseforth.AI to increase user engagement and sales?
Why has Senseforth.AI been recognized in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Conversational AI Platforms?

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