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Automate outstanding customer experiences with omnichannel tools.
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Aivo Conversational AI is designed to enhance automation in customer experiences through a variety of omnichannel tools and live agent solutions. Included in the Aivo Suite is AgentBot, a conversational AI-powered chatbot for digital channels.

The AI co-pilot supports in Live, a feature offering omnichannel live chat for agents. The platform also includes Engage, a tool for creating WhatsApp campaigns and Studio, a low-code integration designer.

Instant solutions are available through natural phone conversations offered by Voice. Help provides knowledge microsites that leverage AI-power for search functions.

The suite also houses a Beta feature - Video Conversational AI, which uses hyper-realistic avatars paired with conversational AI. Aivo can also be integrated with other platforms like Genesys and Zendesk.

The platform is widely used in sectors like banking, commerce and telecommunications. Aivo's AI technology can generate unique auto-responses and understands natural conversations, enhancing customer experience.

With Aivo, businesses can design customer experiences and automate queries, available 24/7 across all channels.


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Pros and Cons


Automation in customer experiences
Omnichannel tool suite
Live agent solutions
WhatsApp campaign creation
Low-code integration designer
Natural phone conversation support
Integration with Genesys and Zendesk
24/7 service across all channels
Unique auto-responses generation
Understands natural conversations
Widely used in banking, commerce, and telecommunications
Campaign creation without coding needed
Hyperconnectivity with third-party tools
Employs hyper-realistic avatars
Supports Instagram and Twitter integration
High customer satisfaction rates
Call center volumes reduced
Effective for telecom industry
Supports WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram channels
Detailed ebooks and resources available
Industry specific solutions in ecommerce and banking
Enables creation of omnichannel banking assistant
Helps increase sales team productivity
Helps to create automated conversational journeys
Easy to learn and implement
Resolves a high percentage of customer inquiries
Decreases call center volumes
Gartner recognized as Niche Player
G2 crowd awarded in summer 2020
Customer reviews available on G2
Suggested for various industries like education, healthcare, utilities, government
Security-accredited systems
Job opportunities available for professionals


Chatbot auto-response limitations
Potential Beta feature bugs
No multi-language support
Dependency on third-party platforms
Limited to specific industries
Not fully customizable
Potential over-dependency on WhatsApp
Limited avatar realism


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