Customer engagement 2023-05-10
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Combining live chat, chatbots, AI and interactive content for customer connection.
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Giosg is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that combines live chat, chatbots, and interactive content to enhance customer interactions. The platform is designed to aid businesses in establishing more meaningful communications with their prospective and current clientele.

The tool is bolstered by cookies that offer several functionalities including personalising content, providing social media features, and analyzing traffic.

Additionally, Giosg preserves data related to user interactions which can provide valuable insights for businesses. The tool also utilizes an array of cookies to distinguish human users from bots in order to optimize visitor experience and provide accurate reports.

This functionality is crucial in maintaining website security and user-session validity. The chat-box function increases user engagement, and offers response suggestions to enhance user communication.

Furthermore, Giosg can recognize return visitors, which allows businesses to tailor interactions according to past behavioral data. Giosg also provides options to optimise chat-box functionality, differentiate between humans and bots, and optimise visitor experiences.

The service relies on cookies which can store user's cookie consent state, preferred language, and unique session identifiers providing an efficient, interactive, responsive, and personal user experience.


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Giosg was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Live chat integration
Interactive content utilization
Personalised content through cookies
Social media feature integration
Website traffic analysis
Preservation of user-interaction data
Human-bot distinction
Optimized visitor experience
Security and session validity
Chat-box enhancements
Increased user engagement
Response suggestions in chat
Return visitor recognition
Past behavioral data analysis
User consent state storage
Preferred language recognition
Unique session identifiers
Customer Behavioral Data Analysis
Personal user experience
Chat-box optimisation
Efficient user interaction
Responsive service
Website navigation enhancement
Secure areas accessibility
Chat-box function error detection
Visitor optimization via chat-box
Functionality customization
Content and ads personalisation
Social media sharing
Partner information sharing
Website usability enhancement
Server-cluster recognition
Embedded video preference saving
Website behaviour interaction analysis
Navigation and behaviour data collection
Behavioural Statistics for marketing
Multiple visit tracking
Search-bar interaction tracking
Audio-content implementation
Audio-content interaction tracking
Estimate users' bandwidth on pages
YouTube video statistics
Embedded Content tracking


Dependence on cookies
Privacy concerns due to tracking
No multilingual support mentioned
Potential complex cookie consent
Heavy reliance on third-parties
Limited personalisation options
No mobile application listed
Potential Cookiebot integration issues
Return visitor recognition limitation
No offline functionalities


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What does it mean when Giosg recognizes return visitors?
How does Giosg tailor interactions based on past behavioural data?
How can I optimize Giosg's chat box functionality?
What kind of user information do Giosg's cookies store?
How does Giosg enhance customer service via AI, live chats, and interactive content?
How can Giosg's AI powered platform assist with website traffic analysis?
How does Giosg support customer interaction and personalisation?
What tools does Giosg offer for analysing behavioural data?
How does Giosg use cookies for user session identification?
In what ways does Giosg's product help businesses connect with their customers?
Why is Giosg beneficial for the security of website and user-session validity?

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